Getting to Know Crown the Cat

Recently, we asked Track Analyst Angela Hermann to gather more information about your horse, Crown the Cat. This is what she was able to find!
Question: When was Crown the Cat born?
Answer: This filly was born on March 27th, 2007 in Kentucky. Her breeders are Clark Hanna & Don Benge. Hanna was also Crown the Cat’s first trainer.
Question: What color is Crown the Cat?
Answer: Her color is officially “Bay”, which means a reddish-brown color with black points on her legs & ears, as well as a black mane & tail. She has an extended star on her forehead. She looks a bit darker than a typical bay, but this is the color on her registration papers. (Every thoroughbred must be registered with the Jockey Club).

Question: How Did Crown the Cat get her name?
Answer: Crown the Cat was sired (fathered) by a horse named Saarland out of a mare (mom) named Story of the Cat (Story of the Cat’s father was Tale of the Cat). Her breeders initially tried to name her Glory Story, but the name was already in use. Crown the Cat was named in December of 2008.
Question: Does Crown the Cat have any siblings?
Answer: She has one half brother by Cuvee, who is a two year old of 2011. He does not have a name at this time. This means that both he and Crown the Cat are out of the same mare (have the same mom), and by different stallions. Horses are only considered siblings (half or full) when they share the same mom. (Half siblings share the same mom, but not the same dad. Full siblings share the same mom and the same dad. Horses that have the same dad but different moms are not counted as siblings).
Question: What is Crown the Cat’s personality like?
Answer: According to her trainer Kenny Jansen, Crown the Cat is an energetic type of filly that just needs to get out every few days. She certainly isn’t laid back, he says, but she loves attention and people as long as she’s had her exercise.
Question: Who takes care of Crown the Cat on a daily basis?
Answer: Her groom’s name is Peggy Ryan. While Kenny oversees her training regiment, how much she eats, when she eats, etc., Peggy makes sure that Crown the Cat follows this routine and keeps an eye on her health. She is an essential member of the Crown the Cat team!
Question: What are her favorite treats for her owners to bring?
Answer: She seems to prefer peppermints and carrots over any other treat. Per Jansen, she will take all the treats people will feed her!

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Crown the Cat

  1. So when do we get to meet her , other than race days, and feed her some treats ?Also, earlier you had said people can claim horses sight unseen ! How does that work if they're not at the race ? Are we considered lucky she wasn't claimed after her win ?Thanks~

  2. AnnWe will work on getting a tour of the backside together so that everyone can have a chance to meet her. Look for more information later in the week.As far as claiming goes, owners typically authorize trainers as their agents. In that case, the trainers are the ones that actually place the claim. Therefore, many owners will read the racing form, watch replays, etc and then have the trainer actually place the claim on their behalf.

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