First Month Bills & Earnings

As a part of this ownership process, we’re trying to show you all that goes into owning a racehorse. One part of this process is understanding the monetary benefits (or more likely consequences) associated with owning a runner. Below, please find a description of the revenues and expenses associated with your 80% group stake of Crown the Cat.

At the end of the post, you’ll see a more specific breakdown of the account. Some of the items below are linked to give you more information about specific feed supplements and horse health care. Remember, you only own 80% of the horse, so all earnings/expenses accrued are 80% yours.
Lastly, this analysis does not include the month’s vet bills as the vet has not billed us yet. We will add that information when it becomes available.

Base Funds: 62 Partners at $250 each = $15,500

Crown the Cat = $7,500

Racing License = – $50
Shipping Expense = – $620

Purse Earnings (1st Place 5/22): + $3,900

Jockey’s Share of Purse = – $390

Trainer’s Share of Purse = – $370
Groom’s Share of Purse = – $40

*Horse Welfare Start Fee = -$1

Total Training Expense (18 Days @ $47.50 per day) = $855

Pony in the Post Parade = $20
Deworming = – $10
Glue on Shoes (Hoof Repair) = -$140

Crown the Cat Racing Club’s May Cash Flow:

Crown the Cat Owner Deposits = $15,500
Less 80% of Crown the Cat Purchase ($6,000) = $9,500

Less 80% of License ($40) = $9,460

Less 80% of Shipping Expense ($496) = $8,964
Plus 80% of Purse ($3,120) = $12,084
Less 80% Jockey’s Share ($312) = $11,772
Less 80% of Trainer’s Share ($296) = $11,476
Less 80% of Groom’s Share ($32) = $11,444
Less 80% of May Training Bills ($684) = $10,760
Less 80% of Feed Supplements ($25.60) = $10,734.40

Less 80% of Race Day Lasix ($12) = $10,722.40
Less 80% of Pony in Post Parade ($16) = $10,706.40
Less 80% of Deworming ($8) = $10,698.4
Less 80% of Horse Shoes ($112) = $10,586.40
*Less $1 for Horse Welfare Organizations = $10,585.40

Ending Balance for May = $10,585.40

* This per race fee is matched by Canterbury Park. Therefore, each start that is made by a horse at Canterbury contributes $2 to various horse welfare organizations that help find good homes and care for horses when their racing careers are over. One example of an organization involved in this effort is the Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project.

2 thoughts on “First Month Bills & Earnings

  1. Great info, thanks. Didn't know you could glue on shoes!So what's next? Next Saturday race #5(6F)? or the sameday Substitute #3(5-1/2F). I didn't see any routes that she could run in but perhaps I'm missing something.

  2. Brett – Yes, glue on shoes are a little newer to the racing community. If you followed the Triple Crown run of Big Brown in 2008, he was one of the first racehorses to use glue ons. The ones used on Crown the Cat likely vary slightly from those described in the linked article. We'll do a bit more research on it and will try to get up a post specifically on her shoes.As far as races are concerned, you have picked out the correct two that she is eligible for. We're pointing towards S3 for now because it's probably where she has the best chance of being competitive. We'll write up a full post right now on the possibilities for her next race.

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