The June 11 Race

Third isn’t all bad. Not as exciting as winning but Crown the Cat was in contention all along. Ry rode her perfectly but she just wasn’t good enough today.

Kenny was happy with the performance. He is hoping for a bit more distance however.

We will check in early this week to see how she came out of the race. Provided all is well, there is a route scheduled for June 23 and a sprint for June 25, both at the $10,000N2L.

The purse for today’s race was $8,500 and third is worth 10% or $850. Your group gets 80% of that.

Please post any comments or observations you might have. I assume most of the group wants to try again at this level as opposed to dropping her to the $5,000 claiming level.

I hope you all enjoyed your day at the races. Finally some sunshine.


6 thoughts on “The June 11 Race

  1. We were able to make it to the race! Our son had a 1:00 baseball game, we raced down to Canterbury right after his game from ELK RIVER, watched The Cat run- immediately raced back to ER for his 2nd game at 6!! Even with a 3rd place finish-worth seeing her run! Can't wait to see her run again! To top it all off-our son won both his games today-is in the championship tomorrow-what a great day:)

  2. If my memory serves me, CTC work outs have been in the 4-5 furlong range, setting her up for the longer races, is that correct? I'm really curious to see her run a mile race. Also, are there days where she doesn't run and just rests?

  3. CtC has not worked locally but her prior works were a mix of three and four furlongs. For a day or two after a race she is just walked and then goes back to the track usually on the third day. She is out of her stall every day and most days she does go to the track to gallop. jm

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