Crown the Cat Update & The Claiming Process

We talked to Kenny and he entered Crown the Cat this morning in a one mile and seventy yard $10,000 non-winners of two races lifetime claimer. Unfortunately, the race only drew two entries, thus it was not used. Given this race’s track record this year, it is highly unlikely that it will ever find enough entries to be run.

Therefore, we’re back to our Plan B. That will be to enter on Wednesday for Saturday in the $10,000 claiming race, non-winners of two races lifetime at six furlongs. Although not our first choice, we’ll have to give her another shot in this type of race. If she does not win, we may be forced to drop her in class in an attempt to get a race going a longer distance.

More Information on Crown the Cat’s Feet

Crown the Cat had new shoes put on earlier in the week. Kenny confirmed that she lost her left hind shoe during her past race. She now has glue on shoes on both her front and back hooves in the hopes that it will help her feet stay sound. It appears that her feet are likely going to be an issue throughout the summer. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and will need to keep an eye on how her feet are doing.

Must Decide on a New Jockey

Crown the Cat’s regular rider Ry Eikleberry, was suspended 7 days (effective Monday) for his ride in Race 4 on Thursday night that resulted in a disqualification of his horse. This happens from time to time and is a part of the game. Therefore, if Crown the Cat is to run next weekend, we’ll need a different jockey. Obviously, we may not to be get our first choice, but we’re interested in hearing about who you all would prefer. What are your thoughts?

More About Claiming

Below, you’ll find more information regarding the process of claiming a horse. Tiffany Leggett and Jeff Maday walk you through the process of how to drop a claim and what happens when more than one person claim the same horse.


18 thoughts on “Crown the Cat Update & The Claiming Process

  1. Lindsay – Good question. Well see what Kenny has to say. Given the fact that she has a reasonable excuse for her last race (the lost shoe) I'm going to guess he'll opt to try another race at that level, but it never hurts to ask.

  2. If she were to drop in class how about running against the boys in a route race. I think if Crown the Cat drops in class against fillies and mares she'd quickly be claimed.

  3. Sprint races have less to do with the jockey than other races. If we are confident in our horse at this level I think we should be trying to get a better price on our bets. I would like to stay away from the DB boys to keep some of the public from betting on our Jockey.I think Dugas has had some nice races and is new enough to the track that not too many people will be looking at him.

  4. Craig – If Crown the Cat were to drop in class, she'd move to $5,000 claiming races. The claiming price is the same regardless of whether she runs against the boys or whether she runs against the girls. If that is where we end up, we'll continue to face fillies & mares.

  5. I have read that if the government shuts down, Canterbury Park may have to shut down as well. Is there any plan as to what we would do if this happens? Could we continue to stable the Cat at Canterbury or would we have to put her somewhere else? I am just curious as to what our options would be if the government shut down actually happened.

  6. Nate – If a shutdown occurs, the track will remain open for training and we would most likely wait out the shutdown. We just posted more information about a potential shutdown in a new post. Let us know if you have more questions.

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