Update & Shutdown Information

Crown the Cat was entered this morning in a $10,000 N2L race for Saturday, but the race was not used. The race will be coming back as an extra for Sunday. We will take entries tomorrow for that race and we will again update you following the process. Dean Butler was available to ride today and was listed as her jockey.

The plan for now is to re-enter her tomorrow and we assume that Butler will be listed as the rider. However, things change day-to-day and it is possible that he might not be available tomorrow.
Claiming Process Information
Earlier this morning we added a video to the bottom of the previous post that talks about the claiming process. Be sure to check it out!
Government Shutdown Update

There have been many questions about the potential government shutdown, how it would affect Canterbury and how it may impact Crown the Cat. In short, we’re doing everything we can to make sure we remain open even if the government shuts down. However, their are no assurances. It is our best guess that even if we are forced to close, we wouldn’t be closed for long.
That being said, this is a situation that we will be playing by ear. In the event of a shutdown, we plan on keeping the track open so that horses will still be able to train and that we will be able to resume racing as soon as possible. If it appears that a shutdown will last more than a few days, we will have to start looking at other options for Crown the Cat.
There are strong arguments to be made that Canterbury should remain open in the case of a shutdown. Here is a recent story from Fox 9.


Shutdown Fears at Canterbury Park, Running Aces: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com


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