Entering for Thursday

After reading through the club member input and consulting with Kenny and Kevin, the decision is to enter tomorrow morning for the Thursday $5,000N2L claiming race.

We never know if the race will attract enough entries and if it does not then we would enter for Friday on the turf. She will fit well at the $5,000 level and should compete well. Victory is far from guaranteed however. It is never that easy.

There is a risk she will be claimed of course but there has not been a lot of claiming here and she is pretty much what she is. Taking a horse from a race (and this is an assumption as we have not seen the field) where she looks like she could win and thus lose a condition usually is not the best idea.

Keep an eye on the entries and we will post something here when we see entries around noon.
We have a tentative committment from Ry’s agent to ride CtC.



2 thoughts on “Entering for Thursday

  1. Unfortunately we aren't going to be to schedule a tour this week. We simply have too many other things going on surrounding the government shutdown, etc. We will get something scheduled for the second week of July, following the holiday weekend.

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