Crown the Cat Scratched

Unfortunately, Crown the Cat was scratched from her race tonight due to soreness in her right front hoof. Every morning, horses that are entered for the day’s card are inspected by state veterinarians to make sure they are fit to race. This morning the vet noticed that she was favoring her right front hoof.
This came as a surprise to everyone especially Kenny who had just brought her to the track yesterday and had her on the walker this morning. According to Kevin Lay, Kenny and the farrier took her shoe off to examine her foot and found no visible issues. Additionally, there is no swelling in the ankle and no heat was detected (heat is a sign of injury).
At this point, Kenny is speculating that she either has an abscess or a foot bruise. Unfortunately, both of these are a part of the game. Click here for more information on abscesses in horse hooves.
We’ll provide an update when we get more information.

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