Saturday Tour

The Saturday tour will start about 45 minutes following the races tomorrow (approximately 6:30 pm) and we will gather at the stable gate. The stable gate is located off Canterbury Rd. From 169, go west on Canterbury Rd, through the first stoplight (McDonalds, Culvers) and continue until you hit Barenscheer Blvd. Take a left, the stable gate is the first left on this road.

If you would like to come and have not RSVP’d, please e-mail
It will take about 45 minutes, no treats for the horse due to the race on Sunday. She looks good on Sunday.

Crown the Cat – Filllies Race for Hope

Crown the Cat was entered this morning for Sunday – Fillies Race for Hope. She has drawn the 10 post in Race 7 (Post Time scheduled for 4:41).
Meet outside the paddock immediately after race 6 and we will all enter together. This will be a full paddock, 12 horses plus our group. Therefore, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and remember that the horses always have the right of way.
Lastly, this is a part of our Fillies Race for Hope. We’re hoping to have a large crowd and we are encouraging everyone to wear pink for the day. The event is being put on to benefit The Hope Chest for Breast Cancer. All races will feature female horses and we are hoping for a great event.
There will be a great silent auction, an opportunity to buy pink horseshoes, a survivor walk, a hat contest and a lot of great activities throughout the day!
You can find more about the event at:
Field for Race 7 on Sunday:

Crown the Cat – Video Update

Crown the Cat Posts a Workout

Crown the Cat worked out this morning and covered three furlongs in 35.40 seconds. The workout was the second fastest of 25 workouts at that distance this morning.

Hopefully this signifies that she is back to her top level form and fitness. Looks like we will find out next Sunday!
Don’t forget to RSVP for the tour if interested. E-mail if you are attending.

Race on Sunday Appears to be the Plan

The race today drew 8 but looks like it is being held for Sunday, July 31 on Fillies Race for Hope. We’ll enter for Sunday on Thursday of this week and we’ll be keeping tabs on the plan.

As far as tours are concerned, we have already offered a tour on a week day, so it appears that it is time for a weekend tour.
We will plan on a tour for next Saturday, July 30. It will start 45 minutes after the completion of the races (look for an updated time once we know how many races we are running). We will meet at the Canterbury stable gate. To get to the stable gate, you need to travel west on Canterbury Rd from 169, pass through the first stoplight (the main Canterbury entrance) and take a left on Barenscheer Blvd. The stable gate will be prominently marked.
Due to the fact that she races the following day, we WILL NOT be able to feed Crown the Cat carrots, etc. But we will still be able to go back and see her.
Jeff and Andrew will meet you back at the stable gate where we will go on a short tour and see Crown the Cat. Please e-mail Andrew at so we have a guess for a head count.
More information as it becomes available.

No Race Sunday – Plans for Next Week

The race for Sunday only drew six horses, the same six that were entered yesterday. A $5,000 N2L race is in the book as a substitute race for Thursday, July 28. For now, the plan will be to enter here. This should be more or less the same group she was entered against the day that we scratched prior to the shutdown.

There are rumors that this race, scheduled for Thursday, could be held and instead used on Fillies Race for Hope Day. (Fillies Race for Hope is a charitable event that Canterbury Park is putting on next Sunday, July 31 and part of the day is that only female horses will race that day). If that is the case, we will likely find out this Saturday when the take entries for Thursday.
In any case, we will keep you posted. We should know more on Saturday when we enter for Thursday.
If you’d like to know more about Fillies Race for Hope. Visit:

Race Fails to Fill on Saturday

As some of you have noticed, Crown the Cat’s race did not go for Saturday. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we haven’t raced in three weeks, there are a lot of horses that are ready to run and it will take a pretty large field to get the race to go.

Her race today drew 6 entrants, so it was brought back as an extra race for tomorrow. A few of the horses she had been competing against ran in Iowa and Nebraska during the shutdown, so it is likely that they may not be quite ready to race again. Hopefully the race will draw one or two more horses tomorrow and she’ll be able to race on Sunday.
We’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.
We have posted our reopening plan around the internet. All operations will resume tomorrow (Thursday, July 21) thanks for your patience:
Card Casino – 10am ($1,000 poker freeroll for first 100 players @ 10am)
Simulcasting – 11am (Double MVP Points)
Live Racing – 7pm First Post (Free Admission)
We look forward to seeing the Cat race again soon. Hopefully we see you at the track soon too!

Breakdown of Vet Bills & June Training Bill

We apologize that it has taken us this long to catch up on bills. I will outline below the following bills: May Vet and June Training. This will be a rather lengthy post simply due to the amount of information that will be contained.

During the billing period, we ran one race (June 11 – Finished 3rd) and earned $935.00. Kenny took a share of the purse for running third ($80) and Jockey Ry Eikleberry received $65 for riding her to a third place finish.
The abscess that showed up on June 30 and the government shutdown that has followed have both cost us a pretty good chance at making money. Unfortunately, the bills don’t stop when you are unable to race.
Remember, you own an 80% stake in the horse, so you get 80% of the money earned and are responsible for 80% of the total expenses.
Again, I will outline the total bills in the first section and will present a cash flow for the Crown the Cat Club below.
Balance Remaining after paying for May Training Bills: $10,585.40

May Vet Bills

Replacement Fluid Treatment (Electrolytes) – $66.00
Joint Treatment – $170.00
Vitamins – $60
Lactanase (Reduces lactic acid build-up) – $20
Leg Paint – $35
Racing Lasix – $20
Total May Vet Bills – $371.00

June Training Bills

Training (30 days at $47.50) – $1,425
2 Race Day Ponies* – $40.00
2 Bute Treatments (Aspirin)* – $30.00
Karbo System – $30.00
Trainer’s Share of 3rd Place Finish – $80.00
First set of front glue on shoes – $125.00
Second set of glue on shoes for all four hooves – $200.00
Total June Training Bills – $1,930.00

*Two ponies and two Bute treatments are listed even though Crown the Cat only ran one race in June. This is because both services are still rendered even in the event of a race day scratch. Bute, a NSAID (Aspirin), is administered 24-48 hours prior to the race. Due to the fact she was scratched on race day, we were also charged for the pony because the pony rider and pony horse were not given an opportunity to find other business.

Crown the Cat Racing Club Cash Flow through June 30

Starting Balance – $10,585.40

Plus 80% of third place finish money ($748) – $11,333.40
Less 80% of Replacement Fluid Treatment ($52.80) – $11,280.60
Less 80% of Joint Treatment ($136) – $11,144.60
Less 80% of Vitamins ($48) – $11,096.60
Less 80% of Lactanase ($16) – $11,080.60
Less 80% of Leg Paint ($28) – $11,052.60
Less 80% of Racing Lasix ($16) – $11,036.60
Less 80% of June Training ($1,140) – $9,896.60
Less 80% of (2) Race Day Ponies ($32) – $9,864.60
Less 80% of (2) Bute Treatments ($24) – $9,840.60
Less 80% of Karbo Treatments ($24) – $9,816.60
Less 80% of Trainer’s Stake – ($64) – $9,752.60
Less 80% of Jockey’s Mount Fee ($52) – $9,700.60
Less 80% of First Set of Shoes ($100) – $9,600.60
Less 80% of Second Set of Shoes ($160) – $9,440.60
Less $1 per start for horse welfare organizations ($1) – $9,439.60
Ending Balance for June Prior to June Vet Bills – $9,439.60

Again, there is a lot of information contained in the above post. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section and we will answer them for everyone at the same time.
Let’s hope for something positive to happen in St. Paul so we can get Crown the Cat back on the track and hopefully into the winner’s circle.

Waiting for Something, Anything

Your filly is training well and is ready to run.

But where? Should the budget be resolved, Canterbury will open immediately and will resume racing on the next scheduled day.

There is nothing in the condition book for CtC on Thursday or Friday but there is a non-winners of two lifetime (N2L) sprint on Saturday at the $10,000 claiming level. That probably is the place to enter. It would be grea to race on Fillies Race for Hope day and be part of that event and there is a N2L route carded that day, July 31. Might be a quick turnaround to try both and of course she could win the sprint. We will have to play that by ear. It is likely the route would fill but risking it and then not racing at all would be crushing.

The Assiniboia attempt did not pan out as she just did not come back from the abscess as quickly as hoped. Kenny took a few to Lincoln Fair in NE and won last night. There was a N2L there for Sunday but he was shipping out before entry time and it seemed like a poor plan to risk it and van over there in hopes of the race filling. It did not fill.

So now we continue to wait until St. Paul shakes things out.

I apologize for the lack of info this past week. Andrew and I have been dealing with media and planning with the few remaining staff members here about reopening. Those plans of course change daily as we lose court cases and the budget battle drags on forcing cancelation after cancelation. Twelve racing days in all now.

On another note, Racino is very much alive in St. Paul. If you believe in the cause, give your legislators a call TODAY. Racino is a way to pay for this education shift rather than just allowing the debt to pile up.

Any thoughts, please post a comment

Entered for Thursday

Crown the Cat is entered to run Thursday at Canterbury Park in race 2: a $5,000 claiming six furlong sprint for non winners of 2 races lifetime. Exactly the spot for her! She drew post three and has Ry Eikleberry aboard.

Now of course we need the track to reopen.

CtC has all four shoes on now. Kenny took her to the track this morning for a jog. He said she went well and felt good. He may breeze her tomorrow to see where she is.

For now we will stay put at Canterbury but should this shutdown extend into next weekend we may have to again consider shipping somewhere to run. We are seeing more and more trainers entering elsewhere but there has been no exodus of horses from the grounds.

We really need to hope that the judge reconsiders her decision based on the additional info provided an allows us to reopen. It is time to put 1,000 people back to work at Canterbury Park.

Friday Crown the Cat Update

After consulting with her trainer, it has been determined that Crown the Cat is going to need some additional training prior to running another race. Kenny had hoped she’d be a little further along, but it appears that she needs some more rigorous conditioning after taking nearly 5 days off due to the foot issue. It is possible that she may even put in a timed work over one of the next few days. We’ll let you know if that takes place.

Therefore, she will not run in the race in Canada and racing here has been canceled through at least Saturday. We’ll let Kenny train her over the weekend and we will examine our options come the beginning of next week. These options are likely to include races in Iowa or Nebraska if we are not able to run here.

Owning a horse can require patience. Hopefully Kenny will be able to get the Cat into top shape by early next week and then we will be able to better determine where she will be able to race.