Giving Crown the Cat Some Options

Crown the Cat seems to have made a full recovery from her abscess, barn help reported this morning that she has been a handful around the barn the past few days and they plan on bringing her back to the racetrack tomorrow. Additionally, she was to have her shoe put back on late this morning. With these facts in mind, we decided that we needed to start looking at upcoming racing options.

At this point, we still don’t know whether or not we will be able to race this weekend at Canterbury. Attorneys for the racetrack and the horsemen are still looking over their legal options and we hope to have a resolution soon. However, as horse owners, you all should know by now that you have no chance to make money (or even cover expenses) if you can’t run in races. It appears that we have a horse that is getting close to being able to compete again; thus, we need to examine our options.

We entered Crown the Cat in two races this morning due to the fact that both looked like potential fits. One race is at Canterbury Park on Saturday. It’s a $10,000 non-winners of two races lifetime race for girls. The race is going five and one half furlongs and has drawn a field of eight. This is the same type of race she ran in the last time she was entered.

The second race is at Assiniboia Downs in Winnipeg, Canada. The race is an allowance optional claiming race going one mile and it has drawn a field of seven. We thought this race may draw a short field and it was worth entering as an alternative option in the case that she is ready to run and we aren’t able to race here.

Obviously, we first need to determine her overall level of fitness and that will occur tomorrow when she is able to go back to the track. There is another option for a race down in Iowa. They have a $6,250 N2L race in the condition book for Monday, July 11 with a purse of $9,500. The last time this race came up it looked like a group she could beat. We’ll keep that in mind as another option after we are able to better assess her fitness and the status of this weekend’s races at Canterbury.

Our first choice is to race here and to give her a chance to race in front of the group. However, we’ll continue to explore out of town options if it doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to race at Canterbury this weekend, or beyond.


11 thoughts on “Giving Crown the Cat Some Options

  1. Clearly great news that CTC seems to be getting better. Also glad to see that folks are thinking of possible options seeing that our government has completely let us down. It is so frustrating to see what is going on in St. Paul. I also feel for the employees of the track both front side and back side. All of you work very hard to make a living to just have it taken from you by partisan bickering. I hope that the voice of reason speaks and the side can come to a compromise soon. Summer is too short as it is.Also thanks to Mr. Sampson and other as Canterbury as they attempt to get the track to be allowed to reopen. I will close with GO RACINO

  2. A couple of quick questions: With the AD race would we put her in for the claim or not? Who has a relationship @ AD, is it K Lay that works with the trainer up there, or Kenny J. or Cby? Wondering how we manage the entry logistics. If we end up in Iowa how long of a race would it be?Cby situation: We applaud Randy and the HBPA folks for trying everything to get racing going again – its real difficult to understand closing when the Zoo was allowed to reopen. Also thanks for supporting not only the direct Cby employees, horse owners/trainers but those all important and often overlooked backside folks. You never know how much you will miss someone until they are not around, but I do miss seeing and interacting will all the folks @ Cby and can only hope everyone can hang on emotionally and financially.I was not totally convinced the racino was the best solution for Cby – but after this needless shutdown I now believe it needs to happen and will support it.thanks for continuing to look after Crown the Cat.

  3. What are the costs associated with racing her in Canada and Iowa? I'm assuming there are travel costs for her – additionally, do we need to get her a barn/stall at either of the other tracks? If so, what is that cost and would we continue to pay for a stall at Canterbury?

  4. Anonymous – First of all, thank you for the kind comments and the support. The entire Canterbury family appreciates it.In response to your questions:1. The optional claiming isn't so much as whether or not you choose to enter for the tag or not for the tag it is more so dictated by the conditions of the race. In this case, the race conditions read:"For fillies and mares three years old and upward which have never won a race other than maiden, claiming or starter, or which have never won two races or optional claiming $15,000 for three year olds"Thus, the only horses that are entered for a claiming price would be three year olds which have won a race other than a maiden, claiming or starter race. No horses in the race match this part of the condition.In short, Crown the Cat was not entered with a claiming price.2. Kevin Lay has a relationship with the trainer in Canada and he was the one that made the suggestion to look at the race. The horse is already entered there, so that part of the equation is already done.3. The race in Iowa is five and one half furlongs.

  5. Paul – The costs associated with racing her anywhere other than at Canterbury boil down the shipping expense. Racetracks do not charge rent for stalls. She would likely ship into Canada the day of or the day before the race and wouldn't stay for more than 24 hours. The same would likely apply if she were to run in Iowa.We'll do so more research on the exact expenses of shipping her to these locations and will discuss with the group prior to making any final decisions.First thing is first, we need to get her back to the track tomorrow to see how she is doing from a fitness standpoint.

  6. If CTC is healthy and fit and if Canterbury does not resume racing this weekend I would vote in favor of the Prairie Meadows race mainly because it is half the distance of going Winnipeg.

  7. The Winnipeg race would make such great copy if you make it a blogging trip, complete with cameraman!How long the haul?Do US horses frequently make the trip to Assiniboia Downs?How are horses impacted on such trips? Is that the std shipper period:in & out in a day?Does a horse get rest & stay competitive on 24 hour hauls?If there were enough notice, it'd be fun to make the trip to see the race,win or lose. Prairie Meadows works better in that regard, as its only afew hours drive.

  8. Plus one needs a passport to get into Canada.Also I urge all of us to contact your State House Rep, Senator and Govenor. I email them and my house rep even called me to discuss. He got a bit of an earfull regarding Canterbury and Running Aces being forced to close.Keep up the fight Canterbury!!!!!!

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