Friday Crown the Cat Update

After consulting with her trainer, it has been determined that Crown the Cat is going to need some additional training prior to running another race. Kenny had hoped she’d be a little further along, but it appears that she needs some more rigorous conditioning after taking nearly 5 days off due to the foot issue. It is possible that she may even put in a timed work over one of the next few days. We’ll let you know if that takes place.

Therefore, she will not run in the race in Canada and racing here has been canceled through at least Saturday. We’ll let Kenny train her over the weekend and we will examine our options come the beginning of next week. These options are likely to include races in Iowa or Nebraska if we are not able to run here.

Owning a horse can require patience. Hopefully Kenny will be able to get the Cat into top shape by early next week and then we will be able to better determine where she will be able to race.


1 thought on “Friday Crown the Cat Update

  1. Lost a post or two, so hopefully this one doesn't prove redundant.If so, please wipe the previous comment:It appears to be a delicate thing, keeping a horse race-ready!Disappointing that we cannot see her run & a chance to do so soon would be great.

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