Waiting for Something, Anything

Your filly is training well and is ready to run.

But where? Should the budget be resolved, Canterbury will open immediately and will resume racing on the next scheduled day.

There is nothing in the condition book for CtC on Thursday or Friday but there is a non-winners of two lifetime (N2L) sprint on Saturday at the $10,000 claiming level. That probably is the place to enter. It would be grea to race on Fillies Race for Hope day and be part of that event and there is a N2L route carded that day, July 31. Might be a quick turnaround to try both and of course she could win the sprint. We will have to play that by ear. It is likely the route would fill but risking it and then not racing at all would be crushing.

The Assiniboia attempt did not pan out as she just did not come back from the abscess as quickly as hoped. Kenny took a few to Lincoln Fair in NE and won last night. There was a N2L there for Sunday but he was shipping out before entry time and it seemed like a poor plan to risk it and van over there in hopes of the race filling. It did not fill.

So now we continue to wait until St. Paul shakes things out.

I apologize for the lack of info this past week. Andrew and I have been dealing with media and planning with the few remaining staff members here about reopening. Those plans of course change daily as we lose court cases and the budget battle drags on forcing cancelation after cancelation. Twelve racing days in all now.

On another note, Racino is very much alive in St. Paul. If you believe in the cause, give your legislators a call TODAY. Racino is a way to pay for this education shift rather than just allowing the debt to pile up.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting for Something, Anything

  1. Thanks for the update and good news regarding a possible race on Saturday. Keeping our fingers crossed that the dust will settle on the budget deal and we will see everyone at the track on Thursday.

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