Breakdown of Vet Bills & June Training Bill

We apologize that it has taken us this long to catch up on bills. I will outline below the following bills: May Vet and June Training. This will be a rather lengthy post simply due to the amount of information that will be contained.

During the billing period, we ran one race (June 11 – Finished 3rd) and earned $935.00. Kenny took a share of the purse for running third ($80) and Jockey Ry Eikleberry received $65 for riding her to a third place finish.
The abscess that showed up on June 30 and the government shutdown that has followed have both cost us a pretty good chance at making money. Unfortunately, the bills don’t stop when you are unable to race.
Remember, you own an 80% stake in the horse, so you get 80% of the money earned and are responsible for 80% of the total expenses.
Again, I will outline the total bills in the first section and will present a cash flow for the Crown the Cat Club below.
Balance Remaining after paying for May Training Bills: $10,585.40

May Vet Bills

Replacement Fluid Treatment (Electrolytes) – $66.00
Joint Treatment – $170.00
Vitamins – $60
Lactanase (Reduces lactic acid build-up) – $20
Leg Paint – $35
Racing Lasix – $20
Total May Vet Bills – $371.00

June Training Bills

Training (30 days at $47.50) – $1,425
2 Race Day Ponies* – $40.00
2 Bute Treatments (Aspirin)* – $30.00
Karbo System – $30.00
Trainer’s Share of 3rd Place Finish – $80.00
First set of front glue on shoes – $125.00
Second set of glue on shoes for all four hooves – $200.00
Total June Training Bills – $1,930.00

*Two ponies and two Bute treatments are listed even though Crown the Cat only ran one race in June. This is because both services are still rendered even in the event of a race day scratch. Bute, a NSAID (Aspirin), is administered 24-48 hours prior to the race. Due to the fact she was scratched on race day, we were also charged for the pony because the pony rider and pony horse were not given an opportunity to find other business.

Crown the Cat Racing Club Cash Flow through June 30

Starting Balance – $10,585.40

Plus 80% of third place finish money ($748) – $11,333.40
Less 80% of Replacement Fluid Treatment ($52.80) – $11,280.60
Less 80% of Joint Treatment ($136) – $11,144.60
Less 80% of Vitamins ($48) – $11,096.60
Less 80% of Lactanase ($16) – $11,080.60
Less 80% of Leg Paint ($28) – $11,052.60
Less 80% of Racing Lasix ($16) – $11,036.60
Less 80% of June Training ($1,140) – $9,896.60
Less 80% of (2) Race Day Ponies ($32) – $9,864.60
Less 80% of (2) Bute Treatments ($24) – $9,840.60
Less 80% of Karbo Treatments ($24) – $9,816.60
Less 80% of Trainer’s Stake – ($64) – $9,752.60
Less 80% of Jockey’s Mount Fee ($52) – $9,700.60
Less 80% of First Set of Shoes ($100) – $9,600.60
Less 80% of Second Set of Shoes ($160) – $9,440.60
Less $1 per start for horse welfare organizations ($1) – $9,439.60
Ending Balance for June Prior to June Vet Bills – $9,439.60

Again, there is a lot of information contained in the above post. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section and we will answer them for everyone at the same time.
Let’s hope for something positive to happen in St. Paul so we can get Crown the Cat back on the track and hopefully into the winner’s circle.

5 thoughts on “Breakdown of Vet Bills & June Training Bill

  1. Craig – Daily training bills typically pay for the general feed and training of a horse (i.e. galloping, jogging, walking, etc). Additionally, this money pays for the barn help (grooms) that get the horses ready to workout or exercise every day and race (as well as clean them, clean their stalls, etc on a daily basis).

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