Race Fails to Fill on Saturday

As some of you have noticed, Crown the Cat’s race did not go for Saturday. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we haven’t raced in three weeks, there are a lot of horses that are ready to run and it will take a pretty large field to get the race to go.

Her race today drew 6 entrants, so it was brought back as an extra race for tomorrow. A few of the horses she had been competing against ran in Iowa and Nebraska during the shutdown, so it is likely that they may not be quite ready to race again. Hopefully the race will draw one or two more horses tomorrow and she’ll be able to race on Sunday.
We’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.
We have posted our reopening plan around the internet. All operations will resume tomorrow (Thursday, July 21) thanks for your patience:
Card Casino – 10am ($1,000 poker freeroll for first 100 players @ 10am)
Simulcasting – 11am (Double MVP Points)
Live Racing – 7pm First Post (Free Admission)
We look forward to seeing the Cat race again soon. Hopefully we see you at the track soon too!

2 thoughts on “Race Fails to Fill on Saturday

  1. If she races this Sunday will she be able to race next Sunday at the Fillies Race for Hope? I am coming for a wedding out of town and hoped to see her in it.

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