No Race Sunday – Plans for Next Week

The race for Sunday only drew six horses, the same six that were entered yesterday. A $5,000 N2L race is in the book as a substitute race for Thursday, July 28. For now, the plan will be to enter here. This should be more or less the same group she was entered against the day that we scratched prior to the shutdown.

There are rumors that this race, scheduled for Thursday, could be held and instead used on Fillies Race for Hope Day. (Fillies Race for Hope is a charitable event that Canterbury Park is putting on next Sunday, July 31 and part of the day is that only female horses will race that day). If that is the case, we will likely find out this Saturday when the take entries for Thursday.
In any case, we will keep you posted. We should know more on Saturday when we enter for Thursday.
If you’d like to know more about Fillies Race for Hope. Visit:

11 thoughts on “No Race Sunday – Plans for Next Week

  1. If that race goes for fillies day, would we look to enter it or the route on fillies day?I know Cby just reopened (hooray) and there is alot on the planning plate, but any idea when a target date for a morning backside tour could be scheduled.thanks

  2. The race on Fillies day would most likely be the sprint. It seems pretty clear that there aren't enough route horses to make that race. Good question though.As far as tours go, our options are basically this:1. A Wednesday Morning at 92. A Saturday Afternoon After the RacesWe have already done one on a weekday, so we know there may be people that would prefer a weekend. However, we're going to leave this one up to the group.Those that would like a tour, please comment below with your preferred time from the options above. We'll do our best to get one scheduled in the next couple of weeks.

  3. My preference would be a weekday morning. The reason is the activity level at that time of day with workouts, exercising etc give a very different feel to the backside.

  4. I thought I posted this yesterday, but it has not appeared yet so will do it again (apologies if it does appear twice).Our first preference is mid-week morning because the activity level on the backside is very different. Mornings seem to be busy with workouts, exercising, alot of people and hungry horses where later in the day it is much quieter. Just me.

  5. We will do our best to schedule a couple more tours. We are somewhat limited in when we have staff available to conduct tours so the times offered are more or less the times we are available. We'll post a plan in the next 24 hours. Thanks for the input.

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