Race on Sunday Appears to be the Plan

The race today drew 8 but looks like it is being held for Sunday, July 31 on Fillies Race for Hope. We’ll enter for Sunday on Thursday of this week and we’ll be keeping tabs on the plan.

As far as tours are concerned, we have already offered a tour on a week day, so it appears that it is time for a weekend tour.
We will plan on a tour for next Saturday, July 30. It will start 45 minutes after the completion of the races (look for an updated time once we know how many races we are running). We will meet at the Canterbury stable gate. To get to the stable gate, you need to travel west on Canterbury Rd from 169, pass through the first stoplight (the main Canterbury entrance) and take a left on Barenscheer Blvd. The stable gate will be prominently marked.
Due to the fact that she races the following day, we WILL NOT be able to feed Crown the Cat carrots, etc. But we will still be able to go back and see her.
Jeff and Andrew will meet you back at the stable gate where we will go on a short tour and see Crown the Cat. Please e-mail Andrew at aofferman@canterburypark.com so we have a guess for a head count.
More information as it becomes available.

3 thoughts on “Race on Sunday Appears to be the Plan

  1. Will they likely use the long race that is in the book for next Sunday or the short race that was the extra listed on Thursday night's entries? Which one would Kenny prefer? Now that she has been idle for 6 weeks which would be better for her?

  2. Curt – They will likely use the short race. We've been discussing all along that we thought she should go long, but there simply aren't enough horses that want to go long on the backside. I highly doubt a long race will go this summer, seems like we're going to be stuck sprinting… at least at this class level.

  3. I am curious…how/when do we determine when a substitute race will be used and when it will go off? Likewise, when a race is stayed? For example, the Cat is being entered into a Thurs. sub. race for Thurs., but the race has been stayed until Sun. and the overnight is not available.

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