Crown the Cat entered for Thursday

Your filly is in on Thursday!
c5,000N2L—–1 mile 70 yards
Race 1 —- 6 horse field —- 5/2 morning line
Ry Eikleberry rides

more to come tomorrow including video of CtC’s swim



2 thoughts on “Crown the Cat entered for Thursday

  1. Well hot diggity dog, a route at last. Rest up CTC and load up on those carbs. When those gates open, just keep a runnin' and a runnin' – Ry will let you know when to stop. Good feeling on this one!

  2. Nice to see that Crown the Cat could finally get a long race. Hope she shows good stamina and a good final kick at the finish line. I see Jeff has indicated that she is 5/2 in the morning line. Let's win one for the Racing Club!

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