Thursday’s Race & Swimming

As Jeff mentioned yesterday, Crown the Cat is entered for Thursday in Race 1. We finally got lucky enough to get a long race for the Cat. Hopefully she will show the same ability she has when going long previously, if that is the case, she should stand a good chance in here. The favorite has not raced since June and that should give us a fitness advantage.

See below for the entries. Please note, we are in the very first race on Thursday. Therefore, you should be in front of the paddock gate no later than 6:40 p.m. to ensure that you can get into the paddock. Andrew will meet you in front of the paddock as Jeff will still be doing the pre-race show and will join up afterward.

Crown the Cat Hits the Pool

As previously mentioned, Crown the Cat went swimming in Canterbury’s equine pool on Friday. Jeff was there to capture the video. This is great low impact training for her. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Race & Swimming

  1. We won't be able to make it tonight. Does anyone know if we're able to stop on our way home around 3pm and make a wager on tonight's race? If so, what number is she…still #3? GOOD LUCK CTC!!

  2. Everyone, the way I see this is, we sit right off stretchout sprint speed of Mountain of Honey, take over from that one at the quarter pole, and the 1 horse (I think we'll wind up the favorite) will fall short in the stretch.

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