After Win #2

Crown the Cat was fiesty this morning. Peg said she was a handful coming out of the test barn afterwards.

She seems to have come out of the race well but we will know more in a few days.

There is a NW3L route coming up Aug 26 that would fit her if she is ready to go.


4 thoughts on “After Win #2

  1. Question on post race testing. How is it done (blood sample, saliva)? What would happen if a horse tested positive for something illegal since winners would have already cashed their tickets. Fine? Suspension? And who is the responsible party, the trainer or the owner? Lastly, what about jockey's? Do they get random testing during the meet?

  2. Anxious to hear how Cat came out of the race. What were Rys comments on the race – did he feel he had alot more horse left if he would have needed it?Loved seeing all those blue caps in the winners cicle – gonna have to try and get even more next time out – 3 wins in a season would be aaaawwwwweeeeesssssooooommmmmeee!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous – Every race will likely be a little bit tough to fill from this point forward. Remington Park starts racing this coming weekend and some of our horses will start shipping out this week. We'll have to play it by ear. Brett – We will post something this afternoon that addresses these questions. They are important ones. Anonymous – It was a fairly easy race where she was able to get an uncontested lead. I think that there was a little horse left. We'll see if we can track down Ry this week.

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