The Cat Wins Again!

Congratulations on another victory with Crown the Cat! Winning two races in one season with one horse is truly something to celebrate. There are many owners that will go an entire meet without winning two races amongst their entire stable. Again, this is awesome!

We will make the same arrangement regarding win pictures. You will be able to purchase a Winner’s Circle photo of Crown the Cat for $10 from the track photographer. If you are interested, the track photographer’s office is on the office level and is open on racing days during racing hours. Ask the receptionist if you have any problems finding the office.
For now, enjoy the moment. See below for pictures and a video from the race. We will post an update either tomorrow or Saturday and we will take a look at what may be her next race.


4 thoughts on “The Cat Wins Again!

  1. Great race Cat and Ry!!! She does seem to like the longer distances. Looking at the condition book there seems to be some more possibilities yet this season. Will we be able to get some July accounting numbers and expenses?

  2. Yes, we will update training and vet expenses shortly. Unfortunately, a vet bill was sent to the wrong address so we are trying to capture all information before posting one large update about the status of the financials. Sorry for the delay. Congratulations again on the win!

  3. I Ain't Superstitious, but a black cat crossed my trail!Ry, popular already, is doubly getting to be a local star with these rides! Good night for him too. I lost track after he took 3/4 early on Thursday… Checking the charts he had 3 wins & 2 seconds on 5 mounts! On one of the better Thursday night crowds.More than happy taking the trifecta on that race.Nice shots Andrew & Jeff. The one just before the wire…Going to have to get a copy of the winning photo for sure this time!!!fwiw, I have a few images going back to the first race – on a webpage that a few members have the address to. I'm good with members accessing it, but I didn't want to publish it here.Not sure this made the trip. Hopefully not a double post.

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