Weekend Update

Crown the Cat was entered twice over the weekend and in both cases, the race failed to fill. First, she was entered in a $10,000 N3L going long on the dirt (an extra race posted on the overnight) which would have been contested on Thursday, August 25. Unfortunately, that race only drew two entrants.

She was also entered yesterday for the $5,000 N3L going long on the dirt which would have been run on Friday, August 26. The race didn’t go, but it did draw 5 horses. Therefore, it has been brought back as an extra and they will try to find another 1-2 horses so that the race can be contested on Saturday, August 26. We will see how that progresses on Wednesday when entries are next taken and will move forward from there.

The good news is that if we are forced to sprint (race in the book for September 2) we would not have to face Ms. Cecile – the horse that beat us in our last sprint – as she crushed $5,000 N3L competition on Friday night.

There was some consideration given to trying the long race on the turf – $16,000 N3L claimers going one mile and one sixteenth – however, the determination was made that sprinting against $5,000 N3L on dirt was an easier race than trying the turf spot. Additionally, the turf race being written at one mile and one sixteenth was a bit longer than we would have liked. Would prefer a seven and one half furlong or one mile race if we were to go there.

In all, this will likely be best as she’ll get a few extra days to recover from her last race. Hopefully, the race long on the dirt will go for Saturday. If not, we’ll likely need to take aim at the sprint on September 2.

There was a question on a previous post as to whether you could enter in multiple races and then scratch out of one. The answer is that you usually won’t be allowed to re-enter unless the field size in the original race you are entered in is sufficient enough to withstand a scratch. If you do re-enter, you are forced to run in the race you re-enter in. You can’t enter in multiple races and then scratch out to run in the race you deem easiest.


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