Race on Thursday – Plans for the Cat

Finally! The race for Thursday night did fill, $5,000 non-winners of three races lifetime going one mile and seventy yards. There is a field of seven, including a couple of horses that had been running in Iowa. Now that Prairie Meadows’ thoroughbred meet has concluded, a few of them have shipped north and they really made this race fill.

Obviously this will be a tougher spot than the last race, we’ll see how it looks on paper later in the week. We’ll plan on reserving a section of Silks for the group – we’ll provide more information once we confirm that with group sales.

Plans Following this Race for Crown the Cat

Multiple group members have been inquiring about the plans for Crown the Cat following the meet. Jeff, Andrew and Kevin have been discussing the options over the last week and, based on the club agreement that everyone signed at the beginning of the racing season, the club must sell the horse.

However, members of the existing group would certainly be able to put together a new group that would be able to purchase Crown the Cat. If a group of existing group members would like to carry on following the conclusion of the live meet, we are going to require that they come forward by Labor Day, Monday, September 5.

In order to move forward, a group will likely need to come up with approximately $10,000 to purchase the horse and ensure that there is enough money to pay the expenses for the next 6 months or so.

The reason we are asking for a group to come forward by Labor Day is that the horse’s value will decline as we get closer to the end of the last week of racing. Essentially, the market for potential buyers continues to dwindle as the meet draws toward a conclusion. If a group doesn’t emerge from the Club, we’ll be required to try to sell to other interests – which could be difficult.

In any case, the Club’s finances will not be complete until approximately two weeks after the meet. We will need to finalize all bills prior to sending everyone their pro-rated portion of the remaining balance.


5 thoughts on “Race on Thursday – Plans for the Cat

  1. Another long race, sounds good and I hope she fires well.Whats the thinking of those considering a purchase? Would Kenny be willing to continue training and move her to where ever he is headed next? Or does the purchase group have another trainer/location in mind? Would the labor day purchase by date give enough time for somebody to become the 'legal owner(s)'?Can the pp's be posted here for this last race?Have we seen the vet bills yet?

  2. I think we would be interested, but in a similar investment, which I am guessing would be difficult because I'm not sure 60 of us are willing to do this without the benefit of seeing the horse run live all winter.

  3. I would be interested in continueing the ownership – part of the game is that horses have travel to different tracks, so would be nice to see how that works- she seems to be running well and would be nice to find those longer races for her. it seems like she was racing at a higer level at the beginning of the summer – $10,000 level and is at the $5000 level now, why did she move down? because the wins? non winners of 2/3/4 is a higher level? does anyone know which race, number, she is in on thursday? thanks its been fun watching her run this summer – thanks for all the post Andrew, Jeff, and training Kenny, much more information this year. thanks

  4. Anonymous 1 – Not sure if we can post the PPs, but we'll try. We will hopefully have the vet bills posted tomorrow.Anonymous 2 – The move down in claiming price was for multiple reasons. First, a horse such as Crown the Cat becomes less valuable as it wins races because she loses her easier conditions. She is eligible for fewer easy races now that she has won both her maiden race and her non-winner of two lifetime race. Secondly, there haven't been many horses entering at the $10,000 claiming level – most have been entering at the $5,000 claiming level. Therefore, in order to get into a race, we've been forced to enter at the level. In essence, the market believes she is worth less than $5,000, otherwise someone would have claimed her out of one of her last races. She is in race 5 on Thursday – post position #2.

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