The Plan for Crown the Cat

For now, the plan is to try to run Crown the Cat on closing day. Earlier in the week Kenny indicated that she was doing well enough to run again this weekend – we will confirm this with him later on today.

The plan for now is to run in a filly and mare race, $5,000 N3L race going six furlongs. There is also a $5,000 N3L race going one mile and seventy yards for open company in the book. This could be a back-up plan if the sprint fails to fill.
Plans Following the Meet
Response has been overwhelmingly in favor of getting out as opposed to carrying on. Therefore, the plan is to dissolve the group and sell Crown the Cat for $2,500.
Crown the Cat will be sold following her last start to a member of our group that has come forward and wishes to purchase Crown the Cat with the intention of breeding her. Someday, we hope to be able to see little Crown the Cats running at Canterbury.
The $2,500 will be put into the Crown the Cat account, the remaining bills will be paid and we will then divide up the remaining funds among group holders. This process will take a little while, but we’ll try to have it finished up with checks in the mail by the end of the month.
Thanks for a great year. We hope that you’ve had a great time watching this horse run. Jeff and I have thoroughly enjoyed following her along. Jeff will keep the group posted of the race prospects during the week. Entries will be taken for Sunday on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “The Plan for Crown the Cat

  1. Just when we think it's over, the fun continues! Sounds like a real win win situation for all and even better with the possibility of another win. Early congrats to CtC's upcoming new owner and see ya trackside one more time…

  2. Wanted to say "Thanks" to Canterbury, this was a fun, exciting year. Winner circle twice, how lucky are we. Also, wanted to see if there is anyway that the new owner could keep us posted on Crown. I would love to follow her with racing and future motherhood.

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