Running on the Final Day of the Meet

Crown the Cat is entered for Sunday in race 2 which should go to post around 11:25AM. So be to the paddock right after race 1 if you want to join the group.
She will be in a six-furlong sprint this time at the $5,000 claiming level for fillies and mares that have not won three races lifetime. With Eikleberry now at Zia Park in New Mexico, we have secured Lori Keith to ride. Lori has had a great meet and will give CtC a good ride. This is a full field of 12 and she has drawn the 5 post position.
Crown the Cat Club member Kathy Young will be purchasing CtC and will take her home on Tuesday.  She is planning on breeding her at some point. Kathy wanted to let the group members know that she can be reached at and is willing to email photos of CtC to anyone interested in following her progress.
This really is a good ending for our club. One thing I always stress to owners is to have a plan for your horse when the racing career ends. Not all owners are able to do that.  The $1 per start that each owner pays is one way to help retired horses find a home. Canterbury then matches that amount. Recent recipients of that money have been Dr. Bowman’s Second Chance Ranch and the Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project.
Dr. Bowman has been helping to place retired horses for years.  He has dozens of horses at his ranch now with more to come as the meet comes to a close. It is an amazing thing that he does. You can read a story by Rachel Blount of the Star Tribune here:
We know that your filly will have a good home.  You won two races and hit the board three more times. I would call that a success regardless of the bottom line of the account. This is not an easy sport to in which to make money. Not at the current purse levels. So it needs to be fun.  We have received a lot of positive feedback. I hope that you have been able to share the experience with friends and family. It is pretty cool to tell people you own a racehorse and all even better to show them the winners’ circle photo!!!!
Best of luck Sunday

8 thoughts on “Running on the Final Day of the Meet

  1. My mistake….. I will be the one that is late if I don't get the 11am first post stuck in my head. Change doesn't come easy. First post is 11am so the race goes circa 11:25AMjm

  2. thanks for all the info over the summer and alot of fun watching ctc 5/5 pretty good. question – is ctc done racing then? how is that decision made with horses? it makes since if the horse is not running well or not in contention in races, like gown, but seems like ctc is in good form still. so just curious how that is decided when to end the racing of horses not just ctc but others if we become owners – im sure the trainer has a lot to do with it. but seems like ctc has more races in her. thanks

  3. I suppose Kathy could decide to race her again. CtC needs a break at some point and this is a logical time to stop. She has been at a track for over a year now. Owners usually stop when the horse can no longer compete or with the top shelf horses when it is more lucrative to turn to breeding.Horses can go in and out of form in a hurry. Usually you don't know when that will happen so you keep trying and keep finding excuses to try once more when things go amiss.This move makes sense for the horse. JM

  4. Thanks Jeff – Can you tell me what is a "normal" season for a horse, that is in good form, for a season. If we become owners how long does a horse race before a break is needed? im sure its very different for each horse, but saying that all is going well and horse is in good form. i know breaks r need just like any athlete, so race a year take couple months off race?? or race a season at a track-canterbury and then take the rest of the year off? just curious what the horses that raced this summer at ctbry do when the season is over Sunday. im guessing some go to a different track and some take a break lol – thanks, just trying to figure out what happens when/if u own a race horse for a full year or more.

  5. I guess that depends on the horse and the owner. For example, at the start of this meet you encountered many MN breds that had not raced since last summer. The horses fit here so this is where they race.Many of the non- MN bred horses that leave here go to the next track with the trainer and continue to race.In general, at some point a horse needs to have a break from training and most get one. It is interesting to look at a Daily Racing Form and scan the past perforamnces to see how horses are campaigned. There are some that never leave the track. They continue to train and race semi-regularly. There are others that are often given breaks and that might be because of minor injuries etc. If you have a horse that you like to watch race and it is not competitive, then it gets very expensive. So you either turn it out and wait for the right meet or try to find a horse that can compete.JM

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