Thanks for an enjoyable summer

Crown the Cat finished 6th today. She never really got into the race. Maybe she came back too quick but at the end of a meet that often happens.

It has been quite a journey this summer. Two wins and three thirds is pretty darn good. I hope that everyone enjoyed the experieicne.


4 thoughts on “Thanks for an enjoyable summer

  1. Thanks to Cby and all involved – it was a really fun experience. The days we hit the winners circle it seems like a blur, but a good blur.I hope CtC came out of the race healthy and has a good life with her new 'mommy' and becomes a great mommy herself one day.I don't think we will break even on the original investment (never expected to) but a winning experience is worth a whole lot more than what it is going to end up costing us – thanks again to Cby, Jeff, Andrew, Angela, Kenny, Kevin and anyone else I should have listed.

  2. I think the thing we all need to take out of this, is realizing how crucial getting slots machines here is for the survival of the industry. We had 2 wins and 2 thirds…something most owners would dream of, and we'll all get back what, 75% max of our money? Makes you realize how many in this game in Minnesota are struggling. Call your legislator today!

  3. Thanks to all involved with this group. It was a great experience and we did get to see a bit of everything. I was relieved to see CTC come jogging back after the race to move on to her next phase of life. I second Ryan's comment about Racino and how it will help racing. Just think what even an extra $2000 per race would have done (1,200 per win).

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