Crown the Cat heads to new home

Crown the Cat came home to I Kin Ye farms in Monticello Tuesday afternoon.
She had an uneventful van ride home but got a slight ding on her hip
when she was unloading from the trailer.  
Nothing serious though and it
should heal up just fine.  I gave her a tube of L-Tryptophan to help ease any anxiety issues during the transition and she trailered like a pro for the one hour ride home. Once home I walked her around a bit and she ate some grass and met some of the other critters here and then layed down and rolled. I’m sure that felt really good!  
Then she dunked her whole head in the horse water trough a couple of times and now she’s eating some grain, alfalfa cubes and some mixed grass/alfalfa hay.
She has a one car garage with a dirt floor that I use for her shelter and about a 45 foot round pen with sand base for a paddock area.  There were a couple of mare vs. mare squeals over the adjoining fence line but the other horses are pretty much just letting her be. 

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