2012 Canterbury Racing Club

Welcome to Canterbury’s Racing Club Blog. Over the past three racing seasons, this educational club has helped hundreds of people learn more about owning a thoroughbred race horse and we can’t wait to do the same in 2012!

The Club has won four races over the past three summers and we are sure that club members have some memories that will last them a lifetime while racing the likes of Tahitian Queen, Crown the Cat and others.

We aim to provide you with an educational experience. This blog will be used to explain a great deal about horse ownership, training, racing and more. Please feel free to look through old posts (click the tabs at the top) to see examples of how we communicate with the group.

We’re currently taking memberships for the 2012 club! In order to sign up for the club, please download and complete this paperwork. More information is available by contacting Jeff Maday at (952)-496-6408 or by using the contact form below.


4 thoughts on “2012 Canterbury Racing Club

  1. Are we aloud to go in the paddock before the horses race? Also are we aloud to go to the backside to see the horse?

      • One of my friends Jolene Danner owns a horse in Bruce Riecken’s barn, so I go to the backside with her a lot. Do I have the ability to go see Great Bam while i’m back there, or do I need to be with someone?

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