… And We Have a Horse!

Just like that! Clay called us just a little awhile ago to let us know that he had claimed (purchased) a horse out of today’s 7th race for $5,000 at Hawthorne Race Course in Chicago. The horse’s name is Great Bam, he’s a four-year-old gelding that has won one race lifetime. Brinson told us that he has been watching this horse for a month or so and thinks that he can improve it.

Three different groups tried to claim (purchase) this horse today. When this happens, lots are drawn amongst the competing groups and the lot that is drawn owns the horse. Our group won the shake – as it is known – and therefore got the horse.

He should certainly fit in our races here this summer. Clay reported that the horse will receive a full inspection later this evening, but that he looks to have come out of the race in good shape. He said that after he takes a closer look, he’ll start to formulate a plan to get him ready for the upcoming Canterbury meet.

We’ll provide another update tomorrow that will explain claiming races, provide past performances for the horse and discuss what Brinson finds after taking a closer look at Great Bam.

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11 thoughts on “… And We Have a Horse!

    • Thanks for posting the info Grant. We’ll gather some more information to share with the group tomorrow. Does appear to have some early speed which does play well at Canterbury. Think he is more of a sprinter.

  1. Wow, just saw Jeff’s email this morning and boom, I own a little bitty piece of a horse named Great Bam. 19 starts in one year! That’s either the sign of a very fit horse or one who’s been run off its feet. I guess we’ll see. Very impressive maiden win at the Fairgrounds on Valentine’s Day last year, although he napped at the gate for about 2.5 seconds, caught them all in the stretch. Hard to tell what he looks like from the little window I watched the replay on. First year for me in the club, I’m very interested in knowing more about this, will wait to hear from you veterans and Jeff.

    Ken CE

    • Thanks for the comment Ken. We have been able to go back and look through some of his races from last year and he had some significant issues getting out of the starting gate in 2011. As of late, it appears that he has been much better in this regard. We’ll look into this more when he comes up here. It was an impressive effort to win that day.

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