Club Memberships Closed – Looking for Horses

Thanks to everyone for joining the Canterbury Racing Club! We are now done accepting memberships for this year’s club.

First, Jeff and I have secured Clay Brinson to train the horses for this year’s club. Clay won  with 13 of 30 starters last summer for a 43% win percentage. In an industry where average is around 15%, this was a great season. Clay has trained at Canterbury for 3-4 years and we have been very impressed with his ability to put the horse in the right position to win.

Now, we must move onto the process of finding a couple of horses for the club. Based on membership, we’re expecting to start the season with one or two horses. Clay is currently training at Hawthorne in Chicago and is looking over horses that could be claimed (purchased) for the club.

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Thanks again, we look forward to having a fun summer teaching you about horse ownership.


21 thoughts on “Club Memberships Closed – Looking for Horses

  1. Thanks for the update. Cheryle & I are excited to be part of yet another year of ownership experience. The work you all put into it and the fun we get out of it explains why we come back year after year. A big thank you to the players involved for making this happen once again. Let the fun begin & “see ya trackside”…Brett

  2. I really enjoyed last season (it helps having two wins!) and I’m looking forward to the 2012 meet. Any thoughts on the horse we want. Maiden? Philly/Colt? Claiming level, etc? Seems like everyone wants the colt/gelding but we had pretty good success last year with a philly.

    • Craig – We’re leaving most of those decisions in the hands of the trainer. We’re looking for something in the $5,000 range. Filly or colt doesn’t make much of a difference to us.

  3. Great to see some familiar faces as well as new faces. Looking forward to the 2012 racing season. Let hope we get to celebrate some wins and the passage of the RACINO legislation.

  4. Any thoughts on a MN Bred this year? Seems there are more options in finding the right races at a given distance and those filling; I’m not sure what that would mean in terms of class and competition though.

    • Tony – If the right one comes along, it could be a possibility. However, there aren’t very many of them and many people that have one won’t be willing to sell them at a fair price with this meet just around the corner. We can touch on this subject a little bit more in a post we’ll be writing up tomorrow. It’s a good question.

  5. This is our first season in the club. Look forward to a fun and exciting time. Great job in finding Great Bam. Let the races begin! Pete and Gloria

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