In Search of Another Horse

Here’s a quick update of what’s going on with Great Bam and our search for another horse.

Great Bam had blood drawn a few days ago to get a read on his overall well-being. Clay reported that Great Bam’s thyroid level was a little bit lower than normal. Other than that, he appears to have a clean bill of health. That’s definitely good news! Clay also said that he hopes to send Great Bam to the track over the weekend to start to jog him.

Our search for another horse has been relatively uneventful to this point. Jeff talked to former Racing Club Trainer Tammy Domenosky about any horses she may be willing to sell the group but she said that she didn’t have anything for sale that would make sense. Additionally, our trainer Clay Brinson has been keeping his eye out for another horse. Thus far, he’s taken a  look at a couple in the paddock that he was interested in claiming but wasn’t impressed with their overall physique.

Jeff and I talked to him earlier this afternoon. Currently, he is looking at a horse he might want to buy privately. He told us that he was planning on having another discussion with the trainer of that horse tomorrow morning and he’d give us an update on the horse and what the asking price might be. We’ll continue to work with the trainer in an attempt to secure another runner prior to the beginning of the meet!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! When something happens, we’ll be sure to post it here immediately.


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