Giving a New Definition to “Twins Territory”

Well, we struck out yet again after losing another shake on another claim today at Hawthorne. Clay targeted Rare Action in the first race, she went off as the third wagering choice and won by six lengths, but we lost the shake to trainer Frank Randazzo (same trainer we lost the shake to the other day).

Rare Action is a five-year-old mare who has now hit the board in 26 of 38 starts. She has some speed and would have been a good fit at Canterbury.

This loss makes us 1 for 4 in shakes. The percentage of claims we have been successful at is now roughly equal to the Minnesota Twins winning percentage (.263) and team batting average (.258). Hence, the shot taken in the headline of the post (sorry Twins fans).

Clay is planning to take a look at a couple of horses again tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted of any updates. Hurry up and wait… it’s the name of the racing game.


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