Odds and Ends

I wanted to make sure everyone was clear on the free admission process. You simply scan your MVP card at the gate. Many of you already have cards so those will work for you. I think I have contacted everyone that did not have a card. If you have questions or if I missed someone, let me know.

Clay is looking at a couple of horses today and we will update the blog as news becomes available. He plans to ship to Shakopee on May 1.

The stable area is slowing coming to life. There are about 120 horses residing here now with many more en route. Numerous locals are getting a start in at Prairie Meadows before our meet begins.



4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. I know I read a few posts back that we would be receiving free admission passes in the mail, and I’ve yet to receive anything. Just a heads-up.

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