Great Bam Has Arrived! Plus April Bill Information

Clay and Great Bam got into town earlier this week. Jeff went back and talked to Clay on Wednesday and we’ll plan on going back mid-week to get pictures, video and more. Jeff reported that he looked good and was on the track on both Thursday (jogging) and Friday (galloping). Additionally, Clay reported that he had been in contact with his brother about buying another horse and that he is examining a couple of possibilities. Obviously, we’ll pass along more information when we hear back.

Bills have started arriving for Great Bam, so as we promised, we’ll track them on the blog so that you can follow along and better understand the costs.

In total, we have 145 Club members and our 5% owner. This generated a total starting balance of $41,250.

Our expenses to this point are:

Claim of Great Bam – $5,000

19 Days of Training (April 12 – 30) Great Bam at $60 per day – $1,140

Full Equine Blood Work Panel – $128

Thyroid Treatment & Phenylbutazone – $125.55

Therefore, our cash balance at the end of April is $34,856.45

Earlier, people had asked about how to track workouts, entries, etc. Check out this tool from Equibase if you want to get e-mail notifications of important racing information. Click on Add a Horse and type in the name of the horse to get notifications sent to your inbox.


4 thoughts on “Great Bam Has Arrived! Plus April Bill Information

  1. FYI – I had been getting update notifications until a few days ago and then nothing. Is there a problem with the process or did I somehow unenroll myself?

    Anxious to get a good look at Bam.
    Given the large ownership group size this season backside tours, etc will be challenging (IMO). Any chance a morning one will take place b4 live racing begins? The backside energy and activity is extra special compared to a afternoon.

    • Hm… Do not know. I would try resubscribing to see if that fixes the issue. Keep us posted.

      Don’t know about tours yet. We’ll get a few set up during the summer on different days and times and will likely split up the group to make it more manageable.

      We have typically stayed away from tours on race day mornings over the past few years due to concerns about disrupting the work of the trainers, riders, etc. We’ll have to play it by ear this year and see what might work for our trainer.

      • Guess I wasn’t very clear. I was trying to say a morning tour during the week (non race day) or possibly next weekend morning – b4 live racing begins.

        I re-enrolled at the end of last post, but did not get notification again. I will redo again (both) options as I post this reply.


      • Sorry about misunderstanding. We will definitely get a tour group together at some point for a morning tour. It will likely need to be a weekday, but Jeff and I will get a better feel for Clay’s schedule and then will make some plans and lay out a few different options for group members.

        Have you made sure the notifications aren’t going to your spam folder? Otherwise, try resubscribing on the home page of the blog in the upper-right hand corner.

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