Great Bam… Pictures!

We were able to make it out to the stable yesterday to get a look at Great Bam. Clay reports that he’s happy with the amount of weight that he has put on and he has been galloping on a daily basis over the past week. Check him out!

Clay also mentioned that he expected to give Great Bam a more aggressive workout sometime next week. You can get updates on workouts by using the tool we mentioned earlier this week at Equibase. Check out this tool if you want to get e-mail notifications of important racing information. Sign up for an account, then click on Add a Horse and type in the name of the horse (Great Bam) to get notifications sent to your inbox.

We’ll be back later in the week with video talking more about how he looks, upcoming plans and potential races for the Great Bam!


20 thoughts on “Great Bam… Pictures!

  1. Taking a fast look at the condiction book on Friday the 18th races 4,5 and 8 all look like Great Bam would fit in if he is ready to run.

  2. Jim – Good eye. Nice to hear that owners are reading the condition book! You are correct in that he would be eligible for all three of these races. However, the allowance race may be a little tough for him as would the $5,000 N1Y (Race 4). (Traditionally, non-winners of two lifetime are easier than non-winners in the year). There is also a race for him on May 25 – Race 6. Clay has been talking about all of these as options and we’ll catch up with him soon to try to nail down a plan.

  3. Looking forward to seeing Great Bam!

    How does one look at the condition book? (newbie here)

    I am really hoping he doesn’t race Memorial Weekend, family functions would totally get in the way! I would hate to miss seeing him run!

  4. @ JD — here is your link to general information throughout the season

    Here is the link to the current condition book:

    The condition books give very detailed information about the upcoming races. The substitute races (the “S” races) don’t often go, but are there in case one of the scheduled races don’t fill. This is a good resource to see how CBY is planning the season.

  5. JD, when I was in the 2009 club I would go down (basement level) to the race office and pick up a condition book. I’m sure you can still do that today.

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