Meet Trainer Clay Brinson

Jeff and I went back to talk to Clay about the horse, his plans and what race he believes is best for Great Bam. If you did not read the previous post, it may be helpful to go back and take a look. The explanations of types of races will help you when going through this post.

As you heard in the video, Clay has picked out two races that are possibilities, one on May 25 and another on May 28. The plan for right now is to enter the one on May 25, and if it doesn’t draw enough horses, go in the race on May 28 which we hope will have enough horses. Obviously, we won’t know what happens until entries are taken for those days.

Entries for Friday, May 25 will be taken a week from today and entries for May 28 will be taken a week from Friday. The races are nearly identical in that they are both sprints for horses that have not won two races lifetime; however, the race on Friday, May 25 carries a $10,000 claiming price while the race on May 28 carries a $5,000 claiming price.

Yesterday’s blog discussed the condition book. You can find the condition book by clicking here. The May 25 race looks like this in the condition book:

You’ll notice that the purse is $9,000 (to be split amongst all runners in the race), the race is for horses three years old and up, the claiming price is $10,000 and the race will be run at a distance of six furlongs on the main track.

The race on May 28, looks like this:

You’ll notice that the purse is $7,000 (to be split amongst all runners in the race), the race is for horses three years old and up, the claiming price is $5,000 and the race will be run at a distance of five and one half furlongs on the main track.

It’s likely that both races will not go, so we’ll have to play it by ear. Clay will be on top of the situation and will keep us abreast if anything changes.

Please post comments or questions that you may have about the condition book, these specific races or anything else that interests you. We hope that all of you are enjoying a wonderful Mothers’ Day.


20 thoughts on “Meet Trainer Clay Brinson

  1. Good to meet you on screen Clay. We look forward to a good summer of racing(no shutdown!). Great Bam sure had a nice workout showing a lot of speed. Let’s take an early short race with all that early speed. Canterbury’s track usually has a good track bias to the early speedsters. Bam should fit the bill.

  2. I was talking with my family today that I thought race 6 on 5/25 is where we were going to go. I hope it fills! With that workout and his history he fits right there. I think 6 other slow horses should register immediately!

  3. When we know what race he is entered in we should arrange for group seating, Jeff and Andrew, would that be possible? Also, what is the etiquette for the paddock with a group like this? 140 people crowding the jockey and Clay in that small enclosure? Sounds unwieldy.

    • kcoreyedstrom – We will do our best to arrange group seating if it is available for the day of the race. Paddock etiquette is still to be determined as Jeff and I are working on a plan as to how to make sure it is fair, but safe, for all parties involved. We’ll get it put together by race day. 🙂

  4. I’m anxious to reconnect with old friends & meet new friends this season at the track with Grand Bam &, hopefully, another 1 or 2 race horses! Curt, did we meet you down in Cannon Falls & did you have the young filly by the name of Foxy Felicity ( or something close to that!)? Can’t wait for the meet to start this week-end!

    • It will be fun to meet and greet this season’s club members too. We have been involved in the last two clubs but I don’t have any fillies in Cannon Falls. We were quite involved in the old “Canterbury Downs and were part of quite a few groups with quite a few horses. We had Thanksbutnothanks, Railroad Red, Costume Belle, then her foal Belles Gent and a few others. We were looking for a way to stay involved but with more limited financial exposure. We have had a great time and a couple of winner’s circle pictures too!

      • Curt, I was lucky enough to participate in the first year of the club with Tahitian Queen. She also had 2 wins & was in the money in the rest of her races. Missed the year of “Gown” and was in the club last year with Crown the Cat. Keep in close touch with Kathy Y. and you mentioned about the possibility that The Cat is with foal. That’s why I thought we had run into you down in Cannon Falls as that’s where Matt’s Broken Arrow, our stud, is located. At any rate, can’t wait to get this show on the road!!!

  5. Hmmm, thought I had posted a comment earlier today but it does not appear to have stuck. Two questions – 1 – on the day Great Bam runs, can we set up a group table for the club? Two, please let us know the paddock rules for the club – can club members be in the paddock circle, let us know the rules, thanks.

  6. Totally agree on the 5/25 race. That is the right place for him if it can fill. I get nervous putting him in for $5K until we see how he matches up against the CBY competition. That said, they don’t win money by sitting in the barn :).

  7. Has anything happened with the possiblity of silks for the racing club? Otherwise, whose colors will Bam be racing under? Thanks.

    • Ken – About 900 or so horses have shipped in so far. That’s tracking slightly ahead of where we were last year at this time. With quarter horses starting to come in, we hope to get to 1,200 or so this year.

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