Great Bam Update

Jeff and I spoke with trainer Clay Brinson yesterday and he reported the horse experienced a set back during training yesterday. Clay said that Great Bam was out for a gallop and the exercise rider noticed that he was bleeding from the nose while galloping.

Although this sounds bad, it is relatively common for horses to suffer from a condition known as Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (read more about EIPH here). As a precaution, Clay had a vet examine him after returning to the barn to determine if there was a larger problem. The vet reported that everything looked fine and placed Bam on antibiotics to avoid an infection.

Clay said that he plans on giving Great Bam a couple of days off before returning to the track. He’ll continue to keep a close eye on him and will let us know if anything changes.

Obviously, the inability to go to the track for the next couple of days makes it less likely that he’ll be able to race next weekend. However, we’ll let Clay continue to monitor his progress and let us know when he’ll be ready to race.

On the subject of finding another horse, Clay told us that he is looking a horse at Churchill that he used to train that may be available for purchase. Additionally, he’s looking at horses he might be able to claim here.

Racing is a game of up and downs. It’s easy to ride the waves of emotion but sometimes you need to try to keep an even keel.


8 thoughts on “Great Bam Update

  1. If I’m not mistaken Clay went 2 for 2 yesterday – I’ll Show Them at 109 2/5 for 6 flg – zow. No idea what the jockey challenge was all about. Congratulations.

  2. Congrats to Clay! It looks like I’ll Show Them won by 12+ lengths! Wow! Looks like he lived up to his name. Here’s a link to the chart:

    Brokeandbusted was his other winner – like that name also.

    Hoping that Bam recovers soon and I wish the best for him, if we have to wait, we have to wait. Perhaps another horse will be found soon to double the fun.

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