Thursday Afternoon Great Bam Update

Jeff went back and talked to Clay this morning and reported that Great Bam went back to the track yesterday (Wednesday) and jogged both yesterday and today. So far, so good and no problems to report. They plan on galloping him tomorrow in hopes of getting him ready for a workout early next week.

The break in training will keep him out of a potential race on Monday. Looking through the Condition Book the next possibility will likely be on June 8 or June 10.

On June 8, there is a $10,000 non-winner of two lifetime and on June 10 there is a $5,000 non-winner of two lifetime. So far, the $10,000 race has failed to fill. We’ll have to play it by ear when the it comes time to enter him in a race. Options may be limited to the claiming price that draws enough runners to be used.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Afternoon Great Bam Update

  1. To bad about Bam not running this weekend but that is the way it goes at times. On June 8th there is a allowance race (6th) that is 5 and 1/2 long that he would work for him if the 10,000 claimer doesn’t fill.

  2. It was lovely out there on Sunday. I’ll be out at CBY this weekend as well! No reason not to go out to cheer the horses that will eventually lose to Great Bam!

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