Downerbythemeadow Entered for Friday

Downerbythemeadow has been entered in a 6 furlong, non-winners of two races in the year (races for $3,000 or less excluded) on Friday, June 8. We’re in the fifth race which will go off a little after 9:00PM. It’s a field of seven where she should hopefully be competitive.

You can see the entries for the race by clicking here.

Jeff and I will get back to the group later in the week with details about paddock procedures, group seating possibilities, etc.


9 thoughts on “Downerbythemeadow Entered for Friday

  1. Great to see Downerbythemeadow in for the Friday races. Maybe the Friday night band will be able to play her a winning song. She looks competitive with the others. Does she race for a higher purse as a Minnesota bred? Hope to see the big piece of the pie.

    • Curt – Yes, there is a difference in purse.

      The purse for the race is $7,500 and there is an additional $2,625 added for Minnesota-breds. The purse is then split amongst all the runners in the race, so the top prize would be approximately $6,075 if she were able to win (before paying jockey and trainer).

  2. Excited to have a horse racing! I am curious why the decision was made to run her at the $3500 level again? Is this where Clay feels she truly belongs as opposed to say, 5K, or is there an unwritten rule when you claim a horse that you run it back at the same claiming level to give the previous owners a chance to claim it back? Just curious……

    • Matt – It’s a combination of factors. First, there is no unwritten rule, you can do whatever you want to do. In this case, it was about getting her in a race. She isn’t the easiest horse to find a race for because she has won two races this year (one at $3,000 claiming and once against starter allowance company).

      The race she is running in this week is for non-winners of two races in the year (with claiming races for $3,000 or less exempt). Therefore, one of her victories doesn’t count and she’s able to sneak into the field. If we were to wait around for a $5,000 race, we may be waiting another week… another two weeks… another month, it’s hard to tell.

      Sorry that this is a little “inside baseball” but it’s a little complicated. The short answer is she is in the race so that we could get her on the track and give her a chance to run!

  3. My daughter and I are planning to come out to the track Saturday and cannot be there Friday night. I wish all of my club partners good luck with Downerbythe meadow Friday. Hope to meet you all soon.

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