Great Bam Works Out

Great Bam worked Saturday morning, covering four furlongs in 47 seconds.
Clay reported this morning that the workout went according to plan and Great Bam came back well from that work.
Following a workout, a horse is usually walked in the shed row for a couple of days. Clay watched Great Bam walk this morning and everything looks good. He likely will work Bam one more time before we have the opportunity to race.
Ownership involves a great amount of hope and patience.Bam went through one set-back but seems to be back on course. That is where the hope and patience come into play. Clay thinks Bam will win here. The Brinson record thus far gives us know reason to doubt that.

4 thoughts on “Great Bam Works Out

  1. Question from Clays last video. When he was talking about 2 wks b4 Downer runs again and 3 wks for Bam was he literally talking # of wks (days calc) from the video or number of upcoming racing weekends from video date? Is there anything listed thru the 10th that could fit Downer?
    When will the next condition book come out for beyond June 10th?
    Regarding possible claim protocol at Cby, who does Clay share his barn with?
    Is it possible to get a little bio info on our majority owner?

    • PGH – When Clay was talking about 2 weeks, he’s talking about 14 calendar days.

      The good news it that Downerbythemeadow was entered and is running on Friday (full blog post to come later this afternoon).

      Next condition book comes out next week. Clay shares his barn with Randy Weidner & Kelly Lynn Scott.

      John Morgan is the majority owner. He’s the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Winmark Corporation.

  2. I see there was a work today 5 furlongs in 1:03.2 8th out of 8 at the distance… But as well all know “Time only matters in prision”

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