Friday Night’s Big Race

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Downerbythemeadow is the second-choice on the morning line at 7/2. That is enough to get anyone’s hopes up. However, this is a humbling game so we are proponents of keeping expectations reasonable. As of right now, we are happy with how our horse looks, but there are a couple of other contenders including Pecosa who ships in from Chicago and a couple of others shipping in from Iowa.

Paddock Information & Protocol

Friday’s fifth race is scheduled go off at shortly after 9pm. Horses should begin arriving in the paddock for race number 5 shortly after the conclusion of race 4.

Due to the fact that this year’s club is so large, we are going to have to split the group into two segments and trade off turns in the paddock. On Friday night, those with last names starting with the letter A through the letter L will be able to go into the paddock (if you’re name starts with M through Z, you are still encouraged to come to the paddock and watch from outside). Next time, we’ll flip flop and those with names beginning with M through Z go in the paddock and A through L hang out outside.

Those of you with last names A through L that want to go in the paddock should head that direction immediately following the conclusion of Race 4. Jeff and Andrew will be both be there to help direct traffic and get everyone in. We have a huge group involved, one of the largest to go into the paddock.

Downerbythemeadow will be wearing the orange saddle towel associated to program number seven. You will see a sign on the ground within the paddock with a number 7 on it just to your left when you enter the paddock. That is where Jockey Denny Velazquez will go when he comes into the paddock. We will congregate inside the walking ring in this area.

When in the paddock, it is most important to make sure we don’t frighten the horses. As was previously mentioned, this is a large group, one of the biggest any of these horses have ever seen. Always keep in mind that horses have the right of way. We won’t exit the paddock until the last horse makes her way out of the walking ring en route to the track. The number one rule is to pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

All owners should feel free to watch the race from the terrace that overhangs the track. Directly in front of the finish line, there is a section reserved for horse owners. You should feel free to sit in that area during the race. If you prefer to sit in a different lucky spot, by all means do so!

Watch the first few races to see where winning owners enter the winners’ circle after the race for their picture. Should Downerbythemeadow win, we would all crowd into that area for a picture right after the race. Don’t worry, if we don’t all fit, Clay has mentioned taking two photos or finding another way to get everyone in the photo. We’ll make it work!

We both look forward to seeing all of you here on Friday. If you have any questions about the race or about the order of operations, please feel free to post a comment below so that all can see. Also, Jeff will send out an e-mail with some of the same details so that everyone gets this information.

Best of luck on Friday!


15 thoughts on “Friday Night’s Big Race

  1. Does anyone know when Canterbury starts taking wagers for their card? I can’t make it out Friday night, but I can watch it on the internet feed and would like to have a wager down. If I am out there mid-afternoon can I just go up to the simulcast center and put a wager on the horse for later that eve?

  2. My niece used to groom for a former trainer of Downerbythemeadow – she has had a sprint and fade issue most of her career, although you’d have to say 6 for 29 isn’t bad and the last few races at Turf Paradise show that she doesn’t have to run like that – what does a trainer do with a horse with that sort of issue – after 30 races can a horse be re-trained to not waste all her energy in the first half of the race? How is that done?

    • It’s getting close to the race now. Let’s see Downerbythemeadow first
      down by the finish line tonight!

  3. It was a great night, horse ran great just got set up in a pace battle with that 2. A little shocked the horse didn’t get claimed from us, but I am looking forward to it’s next race. If the claiming series is a possibility, this horse could have some luck! Had a great time with the club this evening, and thank you to Clay and staff for all the hard work in getting this horse ready.

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