Downerbythemeadow Runs 2nd, Gets Claimed

Well, it was a little good news, bad news tonight. Downerbythemeadow ran a nice race sitting just off the pace-setter but was unable to fend off a challenge from Gail’s Jewel and the red-hot Tanner Riggs who rode the first five winners to victory on tonight’s card.

For the second place effort, you get 20% of the purse (before expenses) and because Downerbythemeadow is a Minnesota-bred, you also get 20% of the Minnesota Bred Purse Supplement. All total, you should have netted slightly more than $2,000 before expenses.

Unfortunately, Downerbythemeadow was claimed by trainer Valorie Lund for Zephyr Stable. The claim price was the same $3,500 that we claimed her for, so the purchase price and the sale price basically become a wash. In all, you should have done a little better than breaking even with this specific purchase… so it’s not all bad.

Click here for a chart of the race

Looks like we’ll have to start looking for another horse or two…

We’ll post soon after we get a chance to talk to Clay and find out what he thinks the next plan of attack should be.


16 thoughts on “Downerbythemeadow Runs 2nd, Gets Claimed

    • Yes, we will be looking. The $3,500 Claiming Series begins Thursday and that should be the time to dip in and find one.

  1. Didn’t hear the P.A. announcement of claiming, bummed to hear that she was claimed away. Still a great race.

  2. Maybe we should claim her back! 🙂

    We had a GREAT time tonight, thank you so much for having this Club and letting us participate.

    Question: with the new agreement which will be enhancing purses quite a bit, I thought I read that it would be retroactive to the beginning of the season as well. Would that add some money to what she won tonight as well?

  3. Bummer! Downer WILL win a race this year! Thanks to Clay and everyone involved for creating a very entertaining and well organized night at the track! I can’t wait for the next race!

  4. She ran a good race and seem to look fine coming back. Wishing her new owners luck..unless they are running against a horse we own.

  5. Next plan of Attack ! Talk to Valorie Lund,on how thoughtful it was to claim a horse from the Canterbury Racing Club on it’s first time out. Hard to believe someone at Canterbury would claim a horse from the group?

    • Herman – Wouldn’t agree with that. Claiming is part of the game… we’re an owner just like everyone else. If someone wants the horse for the offered price, they can claim it. We have claimed horses in the past and have had them claimed away as well… it’s a part of the game.

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