June 20 Update

Jeff and I went back to talk to Clay this morning about Great Bam and Lovely Tak. Here’s a video update from the barn:

7 thoughts on “June 20 Update

  1. Thank you so much for the update. Should we assume from the video that Lovely Tak will NOT be racing in the claiming series this next week but perhaps in the following race?

    Lovely Tak has a lovely head!

    Will we be looking for another horse yet or ?

  2. That is a safe assumption JD. Clay wants some time to give her a little rest and train her back up to the last two races in the series. We may look at claiming another horse, we’ll see what comes along and how the prospects look for the two that we currently have.

  3. As we know, our trainer, Clay, has been doing very well at Canterbury this year, and he really seems to have a talent for getting a horse ready and running in the right spot. I’m kind of curious about a few things. How many horses does Clay currently have in training? How large is his staff? (Am I allowed to ask these kinds of questions?)

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