Tour Information & Another Claim Attempt Gone Bad

First of all, we attempted to claim King of Rhythm out of today’s first race today. However, King of Rhythm acted up in the starting gate, and because he was scratched, claims were revoked. We continue to try to find a horse but you are getting a first hand experience of just how tough it can be.

It sounds like there were 3 claims in on the horse, so it may not have worked out. However, it is still disappointing.

Tour Date Picked

On a brighter note, we are happy let you know that we will have a backside tour on Wednesday night (6/27) at 5:30PM. We will meet up and take a tour of the barn, see your horses and talk a little bit about what goes on in the barn area on a daily basis.

If that doesn’t work with your schedule, we will be planning a Saturday tour date in the near future.

Please e-mail Jeff ( or Andrew ( and let us know if you will be attending.


12 thoughts on “Tour Information & Another Claim Attempt Gone Bad

  1. We are planning on attending the Wednesday night tour but I don’t have email access at the moment so hope you see this. We’re in the northwoods with no internet or cable – ack!

  2. To bad its not a 6pm. It takes an hour to get to the track from downtown with both ways being under construction. Maybe the next one will be sooner than later.

      • Oh, right. You had mentioned that approach before. I just had noticed the Claiming Series “banner” on the Cbypk website and jumped to ask without going back. Too eager.
        Say, I believe that would also be the first week Great Bam could return to physical training if all has gone well with his stall rest too is it not? Perhaps we’ll have two things to be jazzed about that week. Thanks.

  3. I hope those of you attending the tour tonight have a great time! Wish we could be there but can’t due to the high heat and humidity. Hoping another will be scheduled soon. Will anyone be taping part of this visit or reporting on it? Thanks.

    Question: In a “normal” owner situation, is an owner allowed on the backstretch whenever they wish? Can they watch workouts?

  4. I just noticed that Downerbythemeadow is running on the 28th in the 7th race on Saturday. Interestingly it is an allowance race.

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