Where Are They Now?

After so many different twists and turns in the claiming ranks, we thought it was time to take a look and see how all of the horses we have either claimed, or attempted to claim, are performing. Here’s a little update on all of the prospects:

Great Bam: Obviously, you’re familiar with this guy. The first horse we attempted to claim, we won a shake for him. Clay has him walking the shed row daily at this point and hopes to have in back in training soon.

Smokin Silver: The second horse we attempted to claim, we lost a shake for Smokin Silver. He has raced three times since the claim, an allowance race at Fairmont Park and two $5,000 claiming races at Prairie Meadows. He has one third place finish from those three starts and was claimed last time out by Mike Bolinger from trainer James Watkins. Hard to know what he could have done here but at the very least he would have been a great horse for the Claiming Series.

Abuela Emma: We lost another shake for Abuela Emma. Another horse that was taken down to Fairmont Park, she has run in an allowance race and a claiming race following the claim with one third place finish.

Rare Action: As far as wins and losses go, Rare Action has done the best following our failed claim attempt. Also running at Fairmont Park, Rare Action finished second in a starter handicap, then won a starter allowance and most recently ran third in a starter allowance. She’s another one that, at the very least, would have fit well in the Claiming Series races here.

Hammer’s Bullet: We attempted to claim this guy for $5,000 over at Churchill on a day where he encountered some trouble and ran a non-threatening fourth. He came back on June 14 for $7,500 and ran second. He is entered on Saturday at Churchill in the seventh race which will go about 8:35PM Central.

Downerbythemeadow: We were successful in claiming Downerbythemeadow on May 25. She came back to run second for the group on June 8 and was subsequently claimed away from us by Valorie Lund. She is now entered in a state-bred allowance race on Saturday. Will be interesting to see how she performs.

Lovely Tak: Claimed out of the first Claiming Series race for fillies and mares, Clay is training her up to the third qualifying race on July 12. Hopefully, she’ll be ready to put in a good effort for the club two weeks from today.

King of Rhythm: Scratched at the gate last weekend, we’ll have to see where he comes back. Maybe he’ll be entered back in next Thursday’s Claiming Series for colts and geldings? We will see…

It’s not really possible to draw any conclusions from this information as one would never be able to know how things would have turned out with a different trainer, different surroundings, etc. However, it is interesting to see what path some of these horses have taken following our interest in them.


6 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

    • Not sure. She is not eligible to be claimed this weekend as it is an allowance race (where horses are not eligible to be claimed). Should she be put in a claiming race again, we can certainly ask him about it.

  1. This was a GREAT update. Thanks for researching all of those horses. I don’t worry about the ones we lost on shakes, or the ones that got claimed. That is part of the biz. However, it is fun to see how they are progressing. Very nice post.

  2. Clay’s latest win (2d Race 6/28/12) with Latin Journey was a great race to watch, even better with a “I always bet on Clay’s horse” win ticket in your pocket.

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