Bills & an Update on the Equines

Jeff and I went back to discuss the newest acquisition and the entry of Lovely Tak for next Thursday. Below, Clay goes over the two charges:

Here is a look at the account as of this afternoon. We have accumulated all training bills through June and all vet bills through may. Additionally, we accounted for the claim that we made on Tuesday.

Balance as of the End of May = $28,466.45

Plus the following revenues:

20% of the Purse for the Second Place Finish – $1,500

20% of the SMSC Purse Enhancement Bonus – $300

20% of the MN Breeders’ Fund Supplement – $630

Claim of Downerbythemeadow by Zephyr Racing – $3,500

Total Revenues – $5,930

Less these expenses (training expenses through June and other expenses through July):

Great Bam

30 Days Training for Great Bam ($60 per Day) – $1,800

Farrier (Shoes) – $120

May Vet Bills – $303.05


8 Days Training for Downerbythemeadow ($60 per Day) – $480

Jockey Fee for Denny Velazquez – $121.50

Trainer Fee for Clay Brinson on 2nd Place Finish (10% of purse earnings) – $180

Farrier (Shoes) – $120

Post Parade Pony – $25

May Vet Bills – $56.35

Equine Retirement – $2

Lovely Tak

15 Days of Training for Lovely Tak ($60 per Day) – $900

Farrier (Shoes) – $120

Training Expenses through 6/30 & Vet Bills through 5/31 – $4,227.90

Other Expenses

Claim of Lovely Tak (6/14) – $3,500

Claim of High Spirit (7/3) – $7,500

Click here for High Spirit’s Career Past Performances

Click here for Lovely Tak’s Career Past Performances

Other Expenses through 7/3 – $11,000

Ending Balance as of July 5 – $19,168.55


16 thoughts on “Bills & an Update on the Equines

  1. Great info. Looking forward to Thursday (hope the weather cooperates). Was hoping Clay would have also given us an update on how Great Bam is doing. Any news there that you are aware of?

  2. I am curious about the jockey fee for Denny Velazquez. I had been under the impression that the jockey fee when finishing in the top 3 was a consistent 1%, but what is listed above ($121.50) seems to be less than that. I had expected the jockey fee to be $180 like Clay’s fee was. I am wondering is the 10% rule not as stringent as I had thought, or were there other factors involved that Denny only received $121.50? Thanks!

      • Matt – Not a simple question. However, here is the best attempt:

        Clay charges us 10% of purse earnings (not including money from the Minnesota Breeders’ Fund which we earned in this instance because Downerbythemeadow was bred in Minnesota). Therefore, he got 10% of the $1,800 in purses (original purse of $1,500 plus SMSC enhancement of $300) for a total of $180.

        The agreement the jockeys have is different and varies based on size of total purse, field size, etc. This agreement is made globally with the HBPA and it is different from the trainer agreement. In this type of race with this type of purse, Denny Velazquez earned 5% of the total purse payments and Breeders’ Fund Payments. (5% of $2,430 is the $121.50).

  3. Thank you for the informative post. I enjoyed the video of the two horses.

    Strange question time – I noticed that High Spirit’s head was tied in the stall. Was this just for the video? Are the horses normally free to move about the stall?

    • No problem. Horses are almost always free to move about the stall. We actually showed up at the barn just as they were cleaning his stall. Therefore, they had him tied up for a few minutes while they were providing new bedding, etc.

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