Lovely Tak Entered – Faces Familiar Foes

As you have likely already found out, Lovely Tak was entered in tomorrow’s first race of the evening. The final Claiming Series Qualifying Races for Fillies and Mares. Nik Goodwin will ride and the race is scheduled for 7:07PM.

She faces five others in a field of six including Downerbythemeadow – now owned by Zephyr Racing Stable and trained by Valorie Lund. Overall, she has 2 points in the 2012 Claiming Series and she will be one of only six horses to have run in enough qualifying races to be eligible for the $25,000 Final on August 2nd. Obviously, let’s take one thing at a time.

Last names starting with M through Z are eligible for the paddock tomorrow night. Plan on being in front of the paddock no later than 6:45 if you want to get in.

Jeff and Andrew have a pretty full night with the hot tub show and summer school. Molly will be around to help guide everyone through the paddock process and Jeff will join the group shortly after the hot tub show concludes.

We have some space in Silks (main level to the left of the winner’s circle) for the group to congregate afterward to enjoy the remainder of the races.

Post any questions or comments here. Otherwise, let’s hope for a good trip!


6 thoughts on “Lovely Tak Entered – Faces Familiar Foes

  1. She is in a tough spot, pace-wise as the field is full of E/P types that will usually look for someone else to take the lead. This may lead to a slower pace and a hard time for her, the only confirmed stretch runner in the group. The race may simply not come back to her. We’ll see. Looking forward to it..

  2. I love the chances if we get the 4 way pace battle. Stay within 3 lengths and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it happen. In my opinion if the 1 shakes lose, may not be much of a race. I have a really off the wall question I am curious about. When and where is a horse named? If I was to purchase a horse at a yearling sale, am I eligible to name the horse or does it already have a name? Besides a yearling sale, in what situations could I rename a horse that may already have a name? Like I said, really off the wall, just curious. Looking forward to tomorrow night!

  3. Looking forward to the race tonight. I think it could be interesting seeing how many of the horses may be claimed out of this race so that someone has a chance at the $25,000 race. (Sure hope we don’t lose Lovely Tak so soon…)

  4. Tough against the front running bias….I was hopeful he nipped for 3rd, but not quite. Still fun to watch him run! Poor Downer….he certainly did look down, finishing a well beaten 6th.

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