Lovely Tak Runs Fourth

Lovely Tak ran in tonight’s opener finishing fourth. She simply wasn’t able to overcome the speed bias and Boneafide Cat. That being said, she did run markedly better than she did last time out only beaten by 2 and 1/2 lengths this time around.

We’ll have to see how she comes out of the race before deciding on where to run her next. Obviously, the Claiming Series Final would be an option; however, she would have to improve to beat that group. Another option would be to bring her back in a different claiming race. We’ll discuss this with Clay when we find out how she is doing.

Thanks to everyone that came out tonight. Hope you enjoyed the evening at the races!


16 thoughts on “Lovely Tak Runs Fourth

  1. That Non Winner of 2 races in 2012 for $3500 claiming looks pretty interesting on July 26. If she came back from the race good, it looks like an easier spot.

  2. It was a great evening! Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Lovely Tak ran well, it was fun watching her. Looking forward to seeing her run again. Thanks!

  3. What is the thought on High Spirit or Great Bam getting any racing action this week (Thurs-Sun)? Is Great Bam even back to full training yet? How did Lovely Tak check out following her output?

    • Not certain about a race for High Spirit. Great Bam is back in training but is not close to being ready for a race yet. Clay was happy with how Lovely Tak came out of her last race. We’ll give the group a full update midweek when Jeff and I have a chance to go back and talk to Clay about all the horses.

      • Looks like a long $7500 claiming turf race on Saturday. Seems like it would be a spot for High Spirit.

      • That would be a good spot. Given the fact it is Extreme Day, hard to predict if he will use races on on the Substitute List. Either way, we’ll find out what Clay’s plans are on Wednesday morning.

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