Lovely Tak Wins! High Spirit Finishes 3rd

You can now say that you have owned a winning racehorse!

Lovely Tak found a perfect spot to sit early in the race taking advantage of the fact that there wasn’t much speed and sticking closer to the early pace. Nik kept her in good position through the turn and then was able to capitalize up the rail when Automatic Victory left a hole for her to slip through. Click here to get the full chart.

It was a perfect and patient ride by Nik and it has certainly helped that the track appears to have evened out just slightly. It is a little easier to come from off the pace.

Here’s the replay:

Now, you’ll notice that Lovely Tak has been entered back for Thursday in the Claiming Series Final. As Jeff explained in an e-mail to the group this morning, it is unlikely she runs. However, if Clay thinks she’s doing extremely well come Wednesday, he will consider it. We will keep the group posted on Wednesday as to the plans. Check out Jeff’s e-mail for more information.

We are working a deal with the photographer to get pictures of the winner’s circle for the group. Stay tuned for more on that as well.

High Spirit ran about as well as could be expected given the glacial pace that was established in his race. Certainly expected there would be more speed to set the race up. That is why being a closer is difficult, you are always reliant on others to give the race the proper shape for success.

At any rate, a first and a third in one night aren’t bad. Congratulations on the victory! Hope some of you are out to enjoy the Mystic Lake Derby today.


7 thoughts on “Lovely Tak Wins! High Spirit Finishes 3rd

  1. Very exciting night at the races! My first time in the paddock before the race and was impressed that both Clay and Nik took the time to shake hands and answer some questions from the group. Of course the best part was the thrill of being in the winners circle. Wow!! I can’t believe they fit all of us in there. And Lovely Tak was such a patient lady waiting for everybody to get in the picture.

  2. Thanks for the update and another look at Lovely Tak’s race. It was nice to see her dominate her competition in this race. Hope we can find another Non Winner of 2 races in 6 Mo.while excluding races run at $3000 or less. She would fit in that condition like last Thursday. Hope the new book has one of those coming up in a couple of weeks. Good to have a 1st and a 3rd in one night, lots of fun. How is Great Bam doing and about how far away is he to a Non Winner’s of 2 race?

  3. Great time with the win and the 3rd place finish. Looking forward to a report on how both horses came out of their races and wondering if Great Bam could physically be up for racing in a week or two. It will be great fun to add another winner’s circle photo to the two I was fortunate to participate in with Tahitian Queen.

      • Without her, it would only be a 5 horse race. I’m sure that is not what the track was hoping for…

      • Correct. The track would have loved a full field. I would guess Andrew and I will catch a little grief for not running Tak in the race but Clay made the right decision for the club obviously and one that everyone was in favor of. The win Friday beats a fourth tonight. As has been stressed, running your horses where they belong when they are ready to run gives you a chance to win. Forcing them into a spot where they cannot be successful just does not work.

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