August 1st Racing Club Update

Jeff and I went back to visit your runners this morning and here is what we have been able to find out. First off, it is extremely unlikely that we run Lovely Tak tomorrow on only five days rest. Would put the chances at very close to zero; therefore, I think it is very safe to make other plans for your Thursday evening.

Although they are happy with how she came out of the race, it is asking quite a bit to come back that quickly, especially when facing the likes of those she would need to beat.

All indications are that High Spirit came out of his race just fine. They want to get him back into the same race the next time it comes up. The current condition book comes to an end soon; therefore, we’ll have to start looking when the new book comes out. Last time this race came up an extra, so we’ll have to pay attention to that as well.

Great Bam is scheduled to work in the next couple of days. The quarter crack has been patched and he’s going to now increase his training regimen in attempt to get him fully prepared for a race.

Lastly, pictures from the victory have been purchased. They are available for pickup at the third floor information booth during all business hours. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Congratulations again on the victory. Hopefully we can get another before the end of the summer.


2 thoughts on “August 1st Racing Club Update

  1. Thanks for the update. I really enjoyed the video of the horses. Frankly I’m kind of glad Lovely Tak isn’t running back after only 5 days rest, I’d rather she have a chance to get totally ready for her next race. Glad High Spirit looks good also. Would he be competitive in an even longer race?

    Great Bam – I’m really hoping to see him run. I have a feeling he’s going to win some races sometime, somewhere.

    I do have a question – will the pictures be available for a while? We may be out-of-town for a bit and not able to pick it up right away (Is everyone in the picture?).

    • Regarding High Spirit. Maybe, maybe not. The biggest thing is that he needs speed to run at. It is a general issue with horses that don’t have much early speed, they need other horses to make the race.

      The classic example of this is the Belmont Stakes. Every year people talk about the closers that need more ground and how they will excel with the long distance of the Belmont Stakes. In fact, the Belmont is actually won more often than not by horses that are on or close to the lead.

      Pictures will be available for awhile. No rush at all. 🙂

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