Great Bam Works Again & More

As has been pointed out by a few members, Great Bam worked out again this morning.

He covered four furlongs in 50.40 ranking 4/7 at the distance. It’s another encouraging sign as Clay attempts to get him fit again. So far, the patch has held up well.

Jeff talked to Clay earlier in the week about the others. The hope is that High Spirit will run next weekend and that Lovely Tak is back either next weekend or the weekend after. Clay reported that the last race took a good amount of energy out of her and he wanted to be sure she was back to 100% for her next effort.

He’s still aiming for the end of the month with Great Bam.

A couple of people have asked about an update on club finances. We’re waiting for one more piece of information. As soon as we have it, we will update you on the most recent training and vet bills. Have a good Thursday!


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