Lovely Take Entered for Friday

Lovely Tak has been entered for Friday. She drew the sixth post position in the fourth race (estimated post time 8:28pm). She’ll face some familiar foes and it will certainly be a more difficult race than her last. She is the third choice on the morning line of seven participants.

Nik Goodwin will again have the call. The race is a $3,500 claiming race at a distance of six furlongs.

Sounds like Clay will enter High Spirit on Wednesday with the hopes of running him on Saturday. However, we will have to wait and see what happens there.

More information (including an update on bills) will be provided on Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon and make plans to be here on Friday night!


7 thoughts on “Lovely Take Entered for Friday

  1. Question for Clay abt down the road –
    Once Cby closes on Labor day, will he move to Arlington Park to race thru Sept or will he move directly to Hawthorne and start training up to their opening at the beginning of Oct?

      • Does that mean the club will continue racing our 3 horses or must they be sold at the end of the meet? If they must be sold, how will they be advertised? Kathy

      • We will start taking a closer look at this in the coming weeks. Depending on how they are all doing, it is likely that we could take 1 or 2 to Chicago for the fall. If we have to sell, we will likely start with trying to determine which track they could be competitive at and then seeking out some trainers that may be heading that direction and looking for horses for an upcoming meet.

  2. I was wondering if someone could explain the yearling sale that happened at CBY this past weekend. I get that it’s horses that will be 2 year olds next summer, but how is a horse entered in to the sale, can anyone purchase, are the horses then assigned to a trainer for a year? If there is a webpage I can be directed to that would be great also. Thanks!

    • Matt – Good question. The sale is something that is offered every year by the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association. Anyone can purchase any of the horses. It’s a typical auction system. The new owner will typically determine who their trainer will be prior to the sale and will work with their trainer during the purchasing process to check confirmation of the horse and to make sure there is a plan for where the horse is going following the purchase.

      The Minnesota Thoroughbred Association’s website is:

      This provides a lot of resources for the sale; however, it doesn’t explain it. Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

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